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Kroos shows passing range in Germany's 2-0 win against Ukraine

Real Madrid have a good midfield line.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Toni Kroos is brilliant and Real Madrid signed him for €25 million away from European powerhouse Bayern Munich. That's a deal that will go down in history.

His performance tonight against Ukraine left nothing to be desired. He simply controlled the tempo of the game at will playing as a deep playmaker with Khedira in front of him -- showing precisely what he will be able to do when/if Pogba signs for Madrid this summer.

Kroos assisted Mustafi in Germany's opening goal off a corner-kick, but that was only a tiny piece of what he accomplished tonight. It's true that Germany did not shine, they just took care of business, but Kroos' individual performance was just something that should be noted. Real Madrid are lucky to have this 26-year-old man under contract, that's for sure.

Here's just a glimpse of what Kroos pulled off against Ukraine. If you want to see it in full context, watch a replay of the match.

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