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Copa America 2016: Colombia Lose Weather Delayed Match 2-0 To Chile

James has off night, Colombia headed for rematch from Match Day 1.

Colombia v Chile: Semifinal - Copa America Centenario Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

This game was billed as a match between two top 5 nations in the world. Sadly only one really showed up for the match.

Chile immediately seized control of the match in the 7th minute on a botched clearance header by Juan Cuadrado of Colombia. It bounced right to Aranquiz who put it past the Colombian goal keeper. It would only be about 5 minutes later and again Chile would score on a quick long ball over the top.

And that’s how it would go into the half, Chile up 2-0.

Then weather happened. A two hour plus delay. The teams would come back out to a soaked pitch - even though the grounds crew did their best to clear the pitch of water. It was still so wet that you could see rooster tails come off the ball. Colombia’s comeback hopes were dashed in the 57th minute when Carlos Sanchez would pick up his second yellow of the night, leaving his Colombian teammates with only 10 men.

That's how it would end, a rain soaked 2-0 loss.


The Chilean pressing pretty much nullified James for most of the night. He was never really that much of a threat. Anytime he or another Colombian player touched the ball Chile would close down with two or three men. James would be able to dribble himself out of some of those pickles but not many.

His dribbling on the night wasn’t spectacular when it came to taking on the Chile defense. They just weren’t giving him any space because they knew the dangers, if James gets free - it could end up in the back of the net.

Tonight they limited James to 4 shots on goal, only one on frame.


Top is first half. Bottom is the second half.

He was not good in the attacking third. Full stop.

Chile came with plan and executed it flawlessly. They shut him down, and took him out of the equation. Towards the end of the night he would pick up a yellow for unsportsmanlike behavior. Though the ref in the final 10 minutes or so was handing out yellow cards left and right.

Player Rating: 6.0

Things I learned

The last time that Colombia and Chile played each other was 15 years ago.

Chile’s defense is one of the best of the tournament. They’d close down on your grandma if they had the chance.

Two plus hours is a long time to wait for the second 45 minutes of the match.

The ref missed two clear Penalties in the second half. There should have been two spot kicks on the night. One for Chile the other for Colombia.

Colombia will take on the United States for 3rd place on Saturday.

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