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Cristiano Ronaldo battles himself in new Nike advertisement

Ronaldo vs. Ronaldo

On the eve of the 2016 European Championships, Nike Soccer has released a brand new commercial featuring Real Madrid's own Cristiano Ronaldo. It should come as no surprise to see the superstar starring in a commercial, but it's always a notable situation when Nike releases their ads. They've grown a reputation of putting a massive amount of effort into their spots, to the point that they're almost like their own miniature films.

The idea behind this elaborate advertisement is that Cristiano Ronaldo and a young boy from England somehow switch places as if it were a soccer version of "Freaky Friday." They each live each other's lives. Somehow the boy continues on as Ronaldo without missing a beat. While Ronaldo turns this kid's life around taking him from the playground all the way to the England national team. Hey, if Jamie Vardy can do it, why not this kid?

It's a typically fun and creative ad that Nike are known for. It should help you get excited to watch a summer full of Euro 16 action.

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