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BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo leaves UEFA Euro 2016 Final with knee injury

Dimitri Payet injured Ronaldo's left knee.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Heartbreaking news for every football fan around the world, as Cristiano Ronaldo had to leave the UEFA Euro 2016 final with a left-knee injury. Dimitri Payet tackled the Portuguese star quite aggressively and Ronaldo tried to stay on the pitch for 10 minutes before deciding that he was not healthy to play.

Ronaldo probably suffered a damaged ACL that could keep him out of the pitch for a while. This was definitely a big injury as Cristiano Ronaldo is used to playing through pain and yet was forced to leave the game.

This was Ronaldo's last Final for Portugal after falling to Greece in the UEFA Euro 2004 final as well. Unless Portugal somehow manage to advance to the Final in the 2016 FIFA World Cup, this has been Ronaldo's last big game for his country.

Payet's tackle, while not entirely dirty, was uncalled for and referee Mark Clattenburg did not call a foul. Ronaldo received a standing ovation when he left the game.

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