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July 13 Managing Madrid Open Thread

Football has finally taken a break and now so can you. Have fun.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

It's finally here! After months and months of yearning, Managing Madrid finally has another open thread. With the EUROs done and with our favorite stars now sun-tanning themselves on their gazillion dollar yachts, there isn't much footy to talk about anymore. So the MM staff has given you the license to go off-topic like crazy (not like that'll be too different from normal days). "So does this mean I can say anything?" you ask. Yes, hell yes (well except for politics, religion, and all that tasty stuff that should stay as far away from this blog until we are forced to discuss it). Also, remember to keep things polite and cordial between each other no matter what. If in doubt, look towards our wonderful community guidelines. The last thing I want to see is everyone calling each other idiots because of some argument that started off with whether James should be sold or not.

Now enough with all of these rules, here are some conversation kick-starters:

  • Things have been oddly quiet with Benzema lately haven't they... Can anyone who fancies some investigative reporting find out what our favorite French bad-boy is up to? News that he isn't currently handcuffed and in the back of a police car would be welcome.
  • You guys could talk about transfer rumors, but that would be a terrible waste of this thread don't you think?(It would also mean that you guys have no imagination, just putting that out there).
  • Who were the top 10 young break-out stars of the 2015/16 season (all leagues)? Or if you want to get more specific, how would you rank the 2015/16 season for Real Madrid's youth stars?
  • Surely you guys have been playing some FM16. What are your careers like, have you won Ol' Big Ears with Nottingham Forest yet?
  • It's never a bad idea to look back on the epic seasons and player performances of the past. Here's a vid about the road to La Decima, complete with the all heart-breaking moments of where we initially failed. Here are all of Iker Casillas' best saves vs. FC Barcelona with some epic background music. How about going back in time to take a look at some of our craziest remontadas?
  • And why not have a section for the highlight king himself? Here's a generic video of Cristiano Ronaldo lighting up the wings, or better yet, here's his performance vs. Wolfsburg. If you're gonna reminisce some of CR7's great games, you have to go back and watch him rip Manchester City apart.
  • Any new song or movie that you like? I haven't watched Zootopia yet, how is it? Any movie that you absolutely despise?
  • Any podcasts to recommend? Kiyan's just released the 2nd episode of of the 'Kiyan Sobhani Podcast.' Follow him on twitter to get more updates on that (while you're at it, why not just follow all of the MM staff on twitter?)
  • How's your summer break been?
  • Who are the most influential sports figures in history (doesn't have to be football, though Johan Cruyff and Alfredo Di Stéfano would be a good place to start)?
  • Who is your favorite writer on MM (I don't mind if you say it's not me. I'll be cool about it and slap a lifetime ban on you)?
  • Whatever else you wanna yap about.

Alright, if you're still reading, remember to behave yourselves. Now go get 'em tiger.

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