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July 20 Managing Madrid Open Thread

Talk about whatever you want.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Pre-season is finally under way but the football world is still rather slow. Unless you're content with talking about Andre Gomes and Paul Pogba, you're probably going to want to talk about something else. Well, you're in luck! Like all other open threads, you can talk about pretty much anything, just as long as it keeps to the community guidelines (so no politics, religion, and all that tasty stuff). This also means that you have to be polite and kind to everyone, and considering how well we did last time, I don't think we should have a problem with that. However, on the off-chance you see something that violates the community guidelines, just flag it and don't respond. If I delete a comment or warn you, email me (click on my profile) so we can clear things up. Don't talk about modding decisions in the comments.

If you want some conversation starters, just check out the last open thread we had a week back. But considering how you guys mostly ignored it I'm guessing you just want to do your own thing. So go do your thing and remember to behave yourselves.

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