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POLL: Should Real Madrid sign Paul Pogba?

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Would you pay €100 million + salary for the French midfielder?

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

If Real Madrid want to sign Paul Pogba away from Juventus, it seems that they will need to spend close to €130 million on his signing. Juventus want to cash in at least €100 million while the player and his agent want a huge salary as well.

Real have a deep team and while Pogba would be an upgrade adding plenty of depth to the team, it's not clear whether Los Blancos should spend that kind of money for Pogba or not. Zidane would like Kroos to play as a defensive midfielder once again with Pogba having more freedom to operate alongside Modric, working hard and pressing the opposition so that Kroos' job is easier.

If Pogba doesn't join Real Madrid, Casemiro will most likely be the one playing deep and that could ultimately hurt Real's ability to play with a possession-oriented style, given that Madrid would lack a physically-gifted central midfielder to protect Kroos when he's deep.

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