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Asensio earns a spot in Real Madrid's first team

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It did not take him very long to prove the quality he has.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Marco Asensio has already earned a spot in Real Madrid's first team after his good performances this preseason, according to AS. The Spanish midfielder already proved he could be a relevant player during the season he spent with Espanyol last year, but many thought that he was going to be sent on yet another loan deal so he could get the minutes he needs to develop as a player. Apparently, he will stay.

Marco Asensio played 45 good minutes against PSG's reserves during Real Madrid's first friendly, but his performance last Saturday as a starter reached another level. The 20-year-old midfielder displayed some nice chemistry with Marcelo and according to that same report from AS, convinced Zidane of his value as a player.

This is a very important decision for Real Madrid, as Los Blancos would be thinking about selling either James or Isco to make more room for the promising Asensio, who would be Real's true signing this summer, per that same report.