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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 2-1 Celta Vigo

Real Madrid narrowly escape a disappointing draw thanks to Toni Kroos' late winner!

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

1. Long live Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos finished what his best mate in midfield started. Luka Modrić spent the first half trying shots from long range, narrowly missing each time, and Kroos followed his lead. It was a goal we've seen Kroos score many times for the German NT and at Bayern, and it was wonderful to see him have a go from range in the Bernabéu.

2. Celta's goal was pretty inexcusable

This was the type of conceding that plagued Madrid in the first half of last season as well. Three defenders ran at the ball, and Marcelo was caught daydreaming out of position, which gave Orellano just enough space to take an excellent strike. It's hard to say what must happen to keep these mental lapses from happening in the future, but for now Marcelo should be thanking Kroos for saving him some serious blame.

3. The substitutes made a palpable difference

Mariano was energetic and in the game despite not doing anything of real consequence, James provided instant offense that was much needed, and the patience in holding up the play that Lucas Vázquez showed on Kroos' winner was outstanding. All three players, and Zidane, deserve praise for changing the game.

4. Full credit to Celta

After an awful showing last week, Celta came into the Bernabéu and played well for pretty much the entire game. Sergio Álvarez made some great saves, and the team at large looked spritely, showing why they finished sixth last season.

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