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BREAKING: Morata leaves Spain's game with injury

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Bad news for Real Madrid.

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Real Madrid striker Álvaro Morata left Spain's game against Belgium with an injury. The Spanish striker has been Real's starter ever since Benzema got injured and Madrid could be in trouble as the Frenchman is still trying to recover properly from a hip injury.

Los Blancos have had very bad luck during the past FIFA breaks and this time has been no exception. If Morata's injury is serious enough, Zidane might be forced to start Gareth Bale in the center of the offensive line unless he decides to play Mariano.

Morata has started the season playing well and this is a dramatic turn of events for him. However, his injury might not be that big. Expect an official medical report on Morata's injury as soon as the doctors check him out.

Zidane and the rest of the coaching staff will surely be hoping to see Morata healthy enough when he comes back to Valdebebas.