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Pedro León Fires Back At Danilo's Eibar Comments

The former Real Madrid alumnus wants the fullback to show some respect!

In a report published by Spanish newspaper AS, Pedro León has apparently lashed back at Danilo's comments against Eibar (which were made after the Dortmund game). Danilo perhaps crassly remarked, that Eibar would "pay the price for this (Madrid's consecutive draws) on Sunday," which can easily be interpreted as disrespect. It makes it seem like Eibar is merely a punching bag for Madrid to unleash on when angry, and it also makes it seem like the contest is decided.

Pedro León definitely took it that way, saying,"Madrid have a set of values transmitted by their president, coach and captain. "Danilo could do with learning from them."

While this is a rather sharp retort, this little remark will probably be made into a meal come Sunday, when commentators will probably spend 5 minutes too long talking about. At the very most, this well add some extra motivation for Eibar to play better, but it is hard to see how this will be a deciding or even truly relevant factor in the game.

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