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Player Ratings: Real Madrid 1 - 1 Tottenham, 2017 UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid are still struggling to convert their chances.

Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur - UEFA Champions League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Real Madrid lost two points in a game that they should've won. However, Dortmund absolutely tanked in Cyprus against APOEL Nicosia, so it's not all doom and gloom. Real Madrid started very brightly and were unlucky (not the first time that we're saying that this season) not to be ahead. But then the defensive deficiencies showed up and Spurs converted one of their many counter-attacks.

Real Madrid upped the tempo and deservedly equalized late in the first half. The second half was pure chaos from both sides, and the player who arguably thrives the most in chaos was injured. So, Gareth-less Madrid ended up drawing the game against a very good Spurs side.

Player Ratings

Keylor Navas — 8: Keylor was one of the best Real Madrid players tonight and played a huge rolem especially in the second half. His save on Kane's golden chance was astonishing and we all should be glad that Keylor looks to be fully recovered and fit. We will definitely need him this season a lot.

Achraf Hakimi — 6: Trial by fire for this 18 years old youngster. Zidane once again showed that he fully trust his whole roster and that he's not afraid to play fringe players in the big games. Achraf had a mixed game. On the one hand, Vertonghen got the better of him all night long, but on the other hand, he didn't have any support from his teammates. Achraf was tasked with handling the whole right side by himself and it was a bit too much for him. However, he showed confidence and some of his runs were great. Let's not forget that we're talking about an 18 years old kid.

Raphael Varane — 6: Varane was unlucky to score an own goal, but that doesn't mean he was perfect tonight. He was far from it. Setting aside that defending is a collective effort, Varane made a couple of mistakes that he shouldn't have and he can't always rely on his pace to bail him out.

Sergio Ramos — 6.5: An unspectacular performance from our captain, who was, like Varane, far from his best. He did try to step up and break Spurs' combinations, but he was unable to plug all the gaps in Madrid's defence.

Marcelo — 6: Marcelo didn't have much impact going forward and that's a testament to Spurs' defence and Aurier in particular. We are used to Marcelo absolutely dominating the left side and today it didn't happen. It was mainly due to Spurs’ great defensive tactics, but maybe Marcelo is yet to get going after his injury. He also wasn't spectacular against Getafe.

Casemiro — 6: Not a very good game from Casemiro in the defensive department, but very surprisingly and okay game going forward. Casemiro registered an unbelievable four key passes (joint top provider along with Kroos), but defensively Casemiro got burnt a number of times.

Luka Modric — 8.5: A standard game for our Croatian wizard. And by standard, I mean his standard. Luka was the engine that kept Madrid going and he facilitated most of the dangerous plays. When he's pushed a bit more forward, he really does come alive and he can carve defences up. He was our best player on the pitch.

Toni Kroos — 8: Kroos was a bit subdued in parts of the game (Sissoko did a particularly great job of marking him out), but his run into the box provoked Aurier into giving up a penalty, which Ronaldo calmly converted. Kroos was tidy in possession and tried to kept us organized and patient in the second half, which was a Sisyphean task.

Isco — 7: I liked Isco's positioning in this match, because he finally stopped coming so deep to get the ball. However, he did stay predominately on the left-ish side and left Achraf without support. Isco was unable to grasp the game and turn it, although he had a great chance, which was denied by Lloris.

Karim Benzema — 5: Ah, Karim. It was one of those days, wasn't it? It's frustrating, because we know what he can do and he showed it this past weekend. So let's get it all out. He probably should've scored the first big chance after Ronaldo hit the post and he had a wide open net. The second one was more tricky. It was an insane save from Lloris, but he should place the header anywhere but to the center. It was a bad game from Karim and let's hope he's not in his annual two-three week slump.

Cristiano Ronaldo — 7: Ronaldo tried his best. He saw a fantastic shot saved by Lloris and a header off the post. He was involved in the general play, but somehow he still struggles to convert those chances. The story of Madrid this season is underperformance in terms of Expected Goals. In La Liga, Ronaldo and Karim have the highest xG (3.45 and 3.15 respectively), but they only scored one goal each.


Marco Asensio — 6.5: Marco was brought on to provide fresh legs and try to find the solution to unlocking Spurs' defence. He is one of those players to thrive on chaos, but he didn't have a meaningful impact on the game.

Lucas Vazquez — N/A:

Man of the Match: Luka Modric

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