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Arbeloa slams Gerard Pique for comments about Catalonia

The feud between these two will never end.

Real Madrid CF v Valencia CF - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Arbeloa has answered Pique’s comments after the Barcelona defender asked for respect during a press conference.

"How easy to lack respect for someone and then ask it for yourself. Whoever sows winds, reaps storms,” says the tweet.

"The first day was difficult for me because you don't like people being against you and nobody likes being whistled and insulted," said Pique during the press conference where he explained his thoughts about the political situation in Catalonia.

"I think that there are actually a lot of people in Spain who, through what I'm saying, can understand how I feel, where I'm coming from and what I'm trying to express," he added.

Pique and Arbeloa have had a bad relationship ever since Arbeloa was still playing for Real Madrid. They were teammates in Spain for some years, though. Both players never mince words and that’s mainly why they clashed whenever something controversial was happening around Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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