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Let’s Play FIFA 18: Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid

The Madrid derby played out on FIFA, let’s go!

When big games come around, it can be fun to help foster a conversation through some unique avenues. One of those avenues is by playing some FIFA 18 and talking about the game.

We’ll see how the FIFA simulator thinks Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid will play out, and then I’ll grab the controller and see what I can do playing as Real Madrid. In my version of the game, Real Madrid are flying around making things happen. Much more goal-centric then the simulation.

The lineups will be somewhat close to reality. FIFA 18’s live form does a decent job at accurately portraying form and injuries, so we’ll go with those lineup choices for the most part.

Both of these videos are composed of some entertaining gameplay. The simulation is always fascinating to look back on once the game has taken place. It can occasionally be correct and display some of the interesting matchup problems that take place. Other times, its incredibly far off and doesn't mean a thing. Both scenarios are pretty enjoyable and make FIFA a fun "predictor" of actual events.

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