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Player Ratings: Tottenham 3-1 Real Madrid, 2017 Champions League

Real Madrid got rinsed in Wembley.

Tottenham Hotspur v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Real Madrid lost, yet again.

So, let's get it over with.

We can talk about Spurs' luck, Real Madrid failing to convert their chances, or we can simply admit that Spurs were the far better team and Real Madrid played a horrendous match.

Player Ratings

Kiko Casilla — 5: Kiko is a decent goalkeeper, but somehow he stopped making those awesome goal-saving saves. He could've done better on the first goal, but he wasn't at fault for the other two.

Achraf Hakimi — 4: Achraf is still raw and you could see that yesterday. He didn't get rinsed inside out, but Vallejo would've been a wiser choice for this match. He put in some good crosses, but a lot of them were mishit.

Nacho — 4: Mr. Reliable wasn't reliable. Harry Kane got better of him the whole night. Lack of communication and organization of the defensive line and whole defense was apparent. It's hard to single out one player, because it was a collective fault.

Sergio Ramos— 5: Sergio tried. He had some good headers from the corners and he made a great block to deny Harry Kane a goal in the dying minutes of the first half. I expected him to rally his teammates and deliver a much better performance in the second half.

Marcelo — 4: Who would've thought that Trippier would give Marcelo so much trouble for the whole 90 minutes? Marcelo had to do a lot of work defensively and that's not his forte. He is clearly still getting up to full match fitness and I do hope he'll be at his best soon, because I'm not a big fan of this Marcelo's version.

Casemiro— 4: A sloppy performance from the Brazilian. However, it must be said that he was once again put into a position (centre-back) that doesn't clearly suit him. He is very much exposed there and it boggles my mind why Zidane keeps doing that.

Toni Kroos — 5: A reserved and not very influencing performance from Toni. He tried to control the game from his usual left half-space spot, but Spurs' great defensive organization and energy overrun him and his teammates.

Luka Modric — 4.5: Two un-Luka-esque performances from our little Croatian wizard. Is the world's end near? Luka is off, maybe he's lacking fitness and run in the very demanding 4-men diamond. I don't know, it's probably a combination of multiple factors.

Isco — 4: Isco looked affected by the little knock he got during the game against Girona this past weekend. He tried to find space in between lines to connect attack with the midfield and release either Ronaldo or Karim. He managed to rack up 3 key passes, but overall, he was very uninspiring.

Cristiano Ronaldo — 6: Honestly, the only player that seemed to care. Ronaldo was furious and upset. He tried to turn the game around all by himself, and while he did manage to get on the score sheet, he couldn't do it. He was by far the most dangerous Real Madrid player.

Karim Benzema — 4: Oh Karim. If you wanted to prove to Lineker that was utterly wrong (and for the record, he was wrong), it didn't happen. Yes, he is still an important and I dare say a crucial cog in the Real Madrid's attack, but his inconsistencies are sadly nothing new. He managed one or two good shots, but that wasn't enough.


Marco Asensio — 5: Marco failed to make any sort of an impact on the game.

Borja Mayoral — 5: Borja statistically was recorded with an assist on the Ronaldo's goal, but otherwise he didn't offer much.

Theo Hernandez — 5: Theo failed to make any sort of an impact on the game.

Man of the Match: Ronaldo

I still miss Bale.

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