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Player Ratings: Real Madrid 3 - 0 UCD Las Palmas, 2017/18 La Liga

A win at last.

Real Madrid v Las Palmas - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Three points. Sweet three points. Finally, Real Madrid was able to gain all the points. However, it was far from a cruising victory. In the first half, Real Madrid was toothless. Yes, they did have their chances, but once again they failed to convert them.

And then MARCO ASENSIO happened. This kid can only score golazos. He's utterly unbelievable.

Kiko Casilla: 7 - No nonsense performance from our backup goalkeeper. It was probably his last La Liga start for a while and he did admirably. He made a couple of good saves, especially the one on Vitolo's early chance.

Nacho: 7 - Nacho got the nod ahead of Achraf and he returned Zidane's faith with his usual standard. He was diligent at the back while also supporting the attack to the best of his abilities. He put in a couple of great and precise crosses and was a threat for the whole 90 minutes.

Jesus Vallejo: 7.5 - A brilliant Santiago Bernabeu debut from the 20-years-old Spanish defender. Today, Jesus Vallejo showed the Madrid fans why many of the supporters were so ecstatic about his signing. He timed and pulled off last-ditch tackles and interceptions. If you didn't know him, you would say that he is an experienced 30-year-old center-back.

Sergio Ramos: 7 - “Jekyll and Hide-esque” performance from Madrid's captain. In the first half, Segio was rash and undisciplined. But Zidane's magical half-time talk brought back the real Sergio that we love. He regained his composure and together with Jesus Vallejo marshalled Madrid's defense.

Marcelo: 7 - Marcelo is starting to look like his usual self. I know that it took some time, but the best possible version of Marcelo is always terrifying. Marcelo and Isco's combinations down the left flank were the only source of the attack in the first half.

Casemiro - 7: Casemiro's opening goal was a lifeline. This game started to unravel like the previous one against Girona, but Casemiro's header was a turning point. It calmed Real Madrid a bit and gave them a bit more footing. Oh, and he did manage to avoid a yellow card, which would rule him out of the Derby. He's a wizard.

Toni Kroos - 7: The usual robotic and precise performance from our German maestro. Kroos, as usual, was a crucial cog in our build-up and overall flow of the game. He has an uncanny ability to not make mistakes. He almost always makes the best choice and that's really astounding.

Isco - 7.5: A bit less of a roaming role for Isco today. What in theory should have been a flat four midfield, turned out to be a mix of 4-3-3 and 4-4-2. It was one of the most disciplined Isco performances this season. He stayed predominantly on the left and his combinations with Marcelo were the main source of chances. And then, he topped his performance with a sublime tap-in.

Marco Asensio 8: Right from the start, it was evident that Marco was feeling it. He was like a hungry wolf hunting a golazo. And in the 56th minute, he got it. And it was a freaking beauty. Behold.

Karim Benzema - 5.5: Sigh. Oh, Karim. Why? It looks like your confidence is completely shattered. Yes, you do have your flashes, but they are so rare this season. We desperately need you to find your scoring form. It's not THAT bad when one of your two strikers is going through a slump, but it's freaking terrible when both of them are. But before everybody roasts you, you should look at the stats. 1 goal for 4.03 xG. That's bad, but it's not the worst amongst Madrid players. Ronaldo = 1 goal for 5.3 xG (both in La Liga).

Cristiano Ronaldo - 7.5: Ronaldo tried. He really did. He does all the things well, but the goals aren't going in. I know it's only a matter of time, before he starts banging them left and right, but it sure does seem to take forever. However, his pass on the best counter-attack of the season was inch perfect and sublime.

Dani Ceballos - 6.5: Whenever Dani Ceballos is on the pitch, the opposing players always try to cripple him. He was once again a subject to a god-awful tackle, which warranted a straight red card.

Marcos Llorente - 6.5: A rare Marcos Llorente sighting. Marcos substituted Casemiro and provided defensive cover for Toni Kroos and Dani Ceballos consequently. It was a tidy, unspectacular, but good performance.

Lucas Vazquez - 6: Lucas didn't have much time on the ball to prove himself, but still it was a puzzling substitution for me. I would personally rather put Borja Mayoral on than Lucas considering the state of the game.

Man of the Match: Marco Asensio

I still miss Bale, but a bit less than the previous week.

Wait, what? He's back on the pitch? YES!

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