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Eden Hazard isn’t the magic solution for Real Madrid

Chelsea v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Recently the lovely transfer rumors have led us to Eden Hazard once again. The never ending well that seems to fuel Spanish and English tabloids is that Real Madrid and Eden Hazard are flirting with each other continuously.

One of the possibilities behind the fascination behind Hazard and Real being constantly linked is that he’s a good prospect to replace Cristiano as Real’s left sided winger in the future.

You could argue for or against the above aspect of the Hazard transfer in terms of tactical fit, age, timeline and more. There is still a line of thought from those who don’t see Hazard as a perfect replacement for Ronaldo on the wing that he’s still another talented player that Zinedine Zidane could add to this attacking arsenal.

While there are valid arguments to either side of the discussion, the returning rumors of Hazard and Real just bring with it more distractions and band aids to problems that for the most part aren’t certain yet.

The Eden Hazard transfer rumor is also just another transfer rumor in a pile of daily rubbish that comes in heaps on a daily basis. Perhaps what makes this rumor spark a certain interest in the overall picture for me is what the move would both entail and imply.

Either way, the way that the Hazard rumor is discussed brings about a certain fascinating conversation regarding football transfers and what they can and cannot do for a club that’s supposedly struggling.

Given that Hazard still has time remaining on his contract the possibility that he would arrive for this season is ridiculous, but that hasn’t stopped speculation that Hazard and other players of his caliber that are linked to Madrid are some sort of magic elixir for the present problems at the club that have them only sitting two points above fifth place Sevilla.

Much of the problems that are keeping Madrid at this strangely foreign spot in the La Liga table aren’t incredibly clear. Part of the problems have been diagnosed as tactical mistakes from Zidane, other issues have been player selection in certain spots and how Zidane has used his bench. But a culminating solution has yet to be found in Madrid, and signing the next superstar isn’t likely to be a solution. Especially when a solution is needed sooner rather than the later.

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