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Napoli 1-3 Real Madrid, 2017 UCL: Player Ratings

Real Madrid saved by their guardian angel.

SSC Napoli v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

This game can be separated into two parts: ‘before’ and ‘after’ Sergio Ramos. Real Madrid were being completely outplayed by Napoli early on. The defence and midfield had a hard time dealing with their very high and intense pressing, and the midfield was also constantly overrun. But in their hour of need, THE hero arrived and saved the day. Another big Champions league night and another big performance from Don Sergio Ramos.

It's always hard to rate players in a game that played out like this one. Many of these players were victims of a wrong setup from Zidane. It only shows that you need at least some basic template to build on with individual brilliance. So please, take that in mind.

Keylor Navas - 4.5

Keylor isn't right. Something is wrong with him. He seems to have lost his confidence and I believe he is aware of that. Unfortunately he oozes insecurity and the whole team seems affected when they are defending. A solid and reliable goalkeeper is the foundation of any successful campaign, so we should hope that Keylor will get back to his 15/16 form very, very soon.

Dani Carvajal - 6

Dani completed a decent, but somewhat unspectacular performance.

Pepe - 8.5

Pepe put on a vintage display and he showed everybody that he's still got it. It was an excellent performance from him tonight. His timing of tackles was perfect, and he and Ramos were very strong in the air.

Sergio “Saviour” Ramos - 9

Mr. Clutch did it again. However, this time he arrived about 35-40 minutes too soon. Not that I complain... What else is there to say about Don Sergio Ramos? Big game = big performance, it's as simple as that. Sergio can suffer from mental lapses in almost every single game, but when you put THAT music on, Sergio is transformed into this superhuman, who will singlehandedly drag you to the trophy. Atleti can testify. Twice.

Marcelo - 6

Marcelo didn't push as high as it is his custom. He was more diligent in defence, which is always a big plus, because we know he can attack. And he did have a problem dealing with Napoli's pressing like the rest of the team.

Casemiro - 5.7

Not a good game from the Brazilian midfielder. Napoli's high pressing got the better of him for the large part of the game and he wasn't positionally disciplined. His passing wasn't as sharp as it should be and, while it's nice that he scored 2 weeks ago, you don't need to go Frank Lampard every single time.

Modric - 6.5

In my eyes, he was the best Real Madrid midfielder tonight, however his performance wasn't up to his standards. In the first half, he was the only player able to connect midfield and attack.

Kroos - 6.3

Same case as Casemiro. Not his best game. He was subdued in the first half, but his set piece deliveries are only rivalled by James'.

Bale - 6

Bale should have done better on those counter attack. He always went for the glory, when a simple pass to his teammates would put them in a clear cut chance. He clearly is still rusty and he need minutes to get to his best.

Benzema - 6

Benzema didn't produce as good performance as he did on the weekend. He was very separated from the rest of the team. He had the least touches on the ball. But it must be said that Napoli's pressing and centre backs, who successfully held the high def line, played a big part in that.

Ronaldo - 6.5

Ronaldo, as his partners in attack, suffered from no service from midfield. It's partly their fault and partly the fault of the midfielders. Ronaldo and Benz didn't drop enough to provide an outlet. Everybody stayed on the offside line and Kroos, along with Ramos, were hitting them with long balls. Was it out of necessity or a strategy??

Ronaldo was unlucky with his chance. 999999 times out of 1000000 it goes in, but not this day. Ronaldo has hit the woodwork 9 times this season in all competitions.

Lucas Vazquez - 6

Lucas came on for Bale in 68th minute and provided much needed cover for Carvajal.

Isco - 6.5

Isco came on for Modric in the 80th minute and showcased his dribbling skills and delicate first touch. He helped keep the ball and combined very well with Cristiano.

Morata - 6.5

Morata came on for Benzema in 77th minute and, while he only made 9 touches with ball, he once again proved that he is super-mega-impact player and sealed Madrid's victory in the extra time.

Man of the Match:

Don Sergio.
Luis Calles

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