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Bayern Munich 1-2 Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League 2017: Player Ratings

You can probably guess who the man of the match was...

Real Madrid CF v Club Atletico de Madrid - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

An away win at the Allianz Arena was not only a critical result for Madrid, but a sign that they’re capable of bringing it against the best in the world when they need to most.

Keylor Navas - 8/10

Navas built upon his great performance in last weekend’s Derbi Madrileno. That he even got hands to Vidal’s bullet header was a feat in itself, so you can’t really blame him for conceding there. But Navas has now strung together two good performances in two very big games, is this the time he resurges?

Dani Carvajal - 8/10

After being doubtful earlier in the week, Carvajal made the squad list, and he sure didn’t look hampered by an nagging injuries. Carvajal assisted Ronaldo’s first goal and could have had a few more, while also protecting the right flank.

Nacho - 6/10

Aside from getting beat on Bayern’s goal, Nacho turned in an otherwise solid performance, which is basically his modus operandi. We ought be grateful for Nacho, because not many clubs can play their fourth-string center back in a pivotal match and have them be as solid as Nacho was.

Sergio Ramos - 7/10

El Capitan lined up next to Nacho and did Sergio Ramos things, like building from the back, intercepting passes, and scoring in the 90- oh, wait. Almost.

Marcelo - 8/10

See; Dani Carvajal. Real’s fullbacks were equally brilliant today, with the Marcelo-Ronaldo combination humming along as effectively as ever for the umpteenth time. Also, Marcelo didn’t let Robben do that thing he likes to do, which was a relief.

Casemiro 7/10

It was a tale of two halves for Casemiro, which is kind of emblematic of who he is as a player. He’s very good at defensive duties and not so good at offensive duties. In the first half he struggled to find his footing, but got settled in quickly in the second to turn in a very good, very Casemiro performance.

Kroos - 8/10

Kroos seemed entirely un-phased and unaffected at the fact he was returning to the Allianz for the first time in years, further strengthening my hypothesis that he’s not human and a footballing robot. Kroos was brilliant, as always.

Modric - 7/10

Bayern did well to clog the center of the midfield and limit Modric’s options, but he was still influential and a calming presence in midfield.

Bale - 7/10

There’s no questioning Bale’s fitness nowadays, given he seemed to be all over the pitch for the full hour. Bale played a lot how he did in 2014, with a strong work-rate in defense as well as in attack. Bayern’s strategy seemed very much to be don’t-allow-them-to-get-in-transition-by-any-means, which of course bogged Bale down, but it was a solid outing for the Welshman regardless.

Benzema - 9/10

What’s been most impressive about Karim Benzema over the years is his ability to read a game and anticipate not only where the ball’s going, but also Ronaldo’s movements. He nearly found the net himself if not for an incredible save by Neuer and unlucky bounce off the crossbar. Karim had about as good of a match as one could have as a striker without scoring.

Ronaldo - 10/10

What’s left to be said of Ronaldo? He’s the best big game player I think we’ll ever see, he was unphased by his early missed chances, and he was the difference in the game. I think his first goal is quintessential Ronaldo in 2017. Give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. Then he’ll run to the corner and do his celebration.


Marco Asensio - 8/10

For a player who’s been tabbed as “the future”, Asensio sure is playing pretty well in the present. Asensio came on for the final third of the game, and immediately got to work making runs, creating chances, and just generally being an annoyance to a Bayern team that was down a man and a little bit gassed. If he continues at this rate, Asensio will be more than just a young, budding super-sub before long...

James Rodriguez & Mateo Kovacic

Insufficient minutes to make judgement.

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