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MM Drawing Board

Haters gon’ hate


Welcome to our drawing board. A few times per month, our resident cartoonist, Finn, will sling out some dope and exclusive art for you — usually on the back of a big moment that’s captured our attention in the Real Madrid world. Here is this week’s drawing, and if you ever want to look back at Finn’s previous (and amazing) work, just check out our Drawing Board page. Of course, you may want to check out the dope shirts Finn designed as well.

There is something to be said about the importance of Real Madrid’s haters. After Real Madrid’s victory over Bayern — controversial, to be sure — these haters were out full force and out of hiding. Waking up the morning after, and reading the ‘hot takes’ of Real Madrid’s wickedness and pure sorcery that allowed them to leapfrog Bayern in, what turns out a more than fair result when you zoom out and look at the two legs as a whole, was extra sweet -- particularly when you see the likes of Pique who were drowning in their own sodium.

Saltier than the dead sea.

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