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Report: CDA Navalcarnero 2-0 Real Madrid Castilla

Only two games left for Castilla to struggle through!

If I thought there wasn't much to talk about last week then I was kidding myself. There is almost nothing to say about the latest disastrous encounter in Santiago Solari's joke of a season in charge. Have a look at his line up of choice below and make of it what you will. There is so little to talk about, that I am unable to write in my usual format, so I'm going to take you through the positive and negatives of today's game, and attempt to summarize the damage that Solari has caused this year.


The Play

Lets get the bad stuff over and done with. The play, especially as a team, was terrible today. Yes the pitch looked horrendous, and did not help one bit, but Castilla struggled to bring the ball down and create chances for the full 90. The defending on the whole was good, but all for nothing down to the referee’s own torrid performance. The midfield was non-existent, likely because of the set up.

The Tactics

There weren't any. Or so it seemed, and not for the first time either. Solari's formation was a visual mess, and I don't blame the players for having no idea what they were supposed to be doing. Painfully poor from the manager, I genuinely believe my grandmother could do better from the grave...


Castilla's season is officially over

Talk of the play offs will finally be over, and this was obviously looming over the payer’s heads in the last few games. Hopefully they can go into the last two fixtures without the shackles, and produce some decent performances.

Álex Craninx

Fantastic today, didn't put a foot wrong besides the second goal. Every time I've seen him play he has impressed me. Shockingly, Álex has two appearances in the last two seasons with Castilla, resulting in him dropping out of his Belgium youth national side, and hamper his development. What a waste of his time. He has been incredibly professional, especially after he’s seen Luca Zidane get chance after chance undeservedly. Looks like a player Real Madrid have let down. I would like to see him as the #1 if Castilla manage to keep him next season. If not, then maybe he's better off elsewhere.

The Defence

Although far from perfect, the defence has still come a long way since the start of the campaign. They demonstrated that well today up until Javier Sánchez's sending off. Even after they kept out Navalcarnero well. With a bit of a switch up next year, Castilla could once again have a strong defensive unit.


We need to talk about Santiago Solari. I have been very reserved this season up until this point, but he has been detrimental to some of these player’s young careers. The point of Castilla is to nurture and develop the future stars of the club, and lay the foundations for a successful future. Every single player should improve over the course of the year, and this year I can only name a handful that have. The majority of promising youngsters have seen their season completely wasted.

Tactically, Solari offers nothing — trying out the wrong things at the wrong times. I know for a fact had he not played for the first team, he wouldn't be in charge of Castilla now which is a shame. There are some fantastic fits out there who are genius when it comes to development. Solari has been like a bull in a China shop, and some of Castilla's most expensive china may have been damaged to the point of no return. How he's managed to carry on for as long as he has is a miracle.

Sergio Díaz has suffered the most under his reign, transforming from consistently doing the unthinkable up front, to constantly being poor at best on the wing. That decision alone has lost Castilla dozens of points, and that is one of many bad decisions. Solari's predecessor has an incredibly tough job on his hands to restore the confidence of these kids in their strongest positions, and get it tactically spot on, on the pitch. If he fails to do that, then these kids may completely lose some of the most important years of their young careers.

Proof being a good player does not automatically make you a good manager.
Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Man of the match today was Álex Craninx who took his chance with both hands, and I hope that this is the start of a good spell for him. Hopefully Solari gets fired this week and we might get to watch some enjoyable efforts in the last 2 games. Castilla play their last home game of the season next week against Mensajero, and as always we'll have you covered!

Goals: -

Aissts: -

MOTM: Craninx

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