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Match Review: Real Madrid Juvenil A 2 - 1 Getafe


Guti managed to accomplish what Luis M. Ramis and Santiago Solari failed to do in the last two years - to win the title in División de Honor Grupo 5. But it wasn't easy. In the last few matches Atlético caught up with Juvenil and there was a slight danger that the title might slip through their hands. However, Juvenil took the first chance to secure the championship in a truly classic Real Madrid way.

Guti chose the best starting XI that he could put out. The only player missing from Juvenil's Once de Gala was Toni, but he was rested for the weekend. Otherwise it was pretty much the standard 4-3-3.

Getafe was a tough opponent to face and break down. They had the best defence in the league along with Juvenil and their centre back partnership was very impressive. They have 2 tall, strong, and quick centre backs, who excellently complemented each other. Therefore Juvenil had problems in breaking them down and creating decent chances in the first half.

Juvenil moved the ball around nicely, but they couldn't penetrate the final third. Getafe was setup in a compact medium block and Juvenil's passing wasn't quick enough to destabilise them. And it was Getafe who had the best chances of the first half. Two great saves from Moha denied Getafe the first goal.

Then Real Madrid TV decided to make things a little bit more interesting for the viewers in the first half. Their main camera was malfunctioning, so they were forced to switch to a backup camera on the pitch. It gave the viewers a chance to watch the game like Guti. It was nice, but it was hard to get the overall picture of the game.

Then in the last minute of the first half Juvenil conceded from a set piece. I'd love to tell you who was at fault, but it was very hard to deduce from this pitch side angle and RM TV offered no replays.

Guti knew that changes had to be made to win this match and he wasted no time. At half time he introduced Toni Robaina and Soti and took off Brávo and Álex, who had an injury scare in the first half.

And those changes had an immediate impact. Just two minutes into the second half Juvenil created their best chance after lovely interplay between Toni and Dani Gomez, but Dani Gomez unfortunately missed. But this was a sign of things to come. Toni completely changed the game and his presence of the pitch was immense. His first touch and vision created so much space and Fran with Franchu on the left side took advantage of that.

The aforementioned duo put a lot of pressure on Getafe's left back and Fran's overlapping runs created another two big chances. Then in the 67th minute, Alberto won the ball back and launched a quick counter. Dani scored from the rebound after Franchu's long shot was deflected by Getafe's goalkeeper. 1-1 and the game was on. However, sadly while taking the shot, Franchu got injured and was forced to come off. Echu took his place.

After the equaliser Getafe couldn't get out of their own half and Juvenil kept tightening the grip on them. But as we all know, when you need a goal the clock seems to fly. The end of the match was quickly approaching and Juvenil couldn't convert the chances they were creating.

But this is Real Madrid's team, so if you need a goal, who do you call? Your centre back. And when? In the last possible minute. Soti became the Sergio Ramos of Juvenil. He scored a header from the corner in the last minute of extra time - 97th min. For those who didn't or couldn't watch it, here is the clip from the end with a build-up to the corner.

So here it is, the first possible title for Juvenil is won! After two years, the title is finally back home, where it belongs. I'm sure that they celebrated this win a lot in the locker room, but Guti must keep them focused, because they have 3 more titles to play for: the UEFA Youth League, the Copa del Rey Juvenil, and the Copa de Campeones.

Goals: 1x Dani Gomez, 1x Soti

Assists: 1x Fran

MOTM: Toni Robaina

Next game: Sunday 9th of April (12.00 CET) against RSD Alcalá at home

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