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Carvajal Speaks to the Press on Real Madrid’s Upcoming Champions League Clash with Atlético Madrid

Dani Carvajal: “When Isco has the ball, it is pure fantasy.”

Real Madrid Training and Press Conference Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Dani Carvajal, our valiant bearded fullback, went out to face the press today to talk about the upcoming match at the Bernabéu against our crosstown rival, Atlético de Madrid. Dani has been having an incredible season and was as self-assured and composed with his answers as he is with the ball on the pitch. Normally I would also include a transcription of what was said in Spanish, but due to the nature and time scope of this upcoming match, it’s best to go ahead and give you a translation of most of what was said in it.

Dani’s face when asked what Griezmann needed to do to reach Cristiano’s level.

Reporter: Dani, you’ve played 15 derbies against Atletico Madrid. What does this derby mean to you, that it’s being played in the semis?

Dani: I have had the luck to be able to be in 15 derbies, yes, every derby is special, it’s our hometown derby, but more than just a derby, tomorrow is the Semifinal of Champions. I believe that is more than enough motivation to go out there and beat our rivals.

Reporter: Just like you said, it’s more than a derby, it’s the semis of the Champions, do you think that the past can be hanging over your heads considering the past you have against Atletico recently, the 4th time you face them and you always advance?

Dani: if the record in the champions league between us is to be hanging over someone's heads, let it be theirs. We reset our objectives our goals every season and right now we're just focused on getting to Cardiff and winning the league.

Reporter: Y’all are rivals that know each other all too well. Between the league and the Champions, how do you envision this tie?

Dani: I think it’s going to be a tie like the last derbies against Atletico, very even with very few opportunities and in the end it’s decided by details. We have to try and stay focused for 90 minutes and above all win the game. I think winning at home will be key to force them to come out and try to score in the Calderon.

Reporter: These matches are always special in the Bernabéu. What do you expect from the public and what do you ask of the fans tomorrow?

Dani: I think it’s a very important aspect for us, we only have 2 games left this season in our home, tomorrow is one. And we ask that they be our 12th player, that they help like they’ve done all year and surely because of them we will be victorious.

Reporter: In this season’s Champions, you haven’t managed to keep a single clean sheet. Tomorrow with the help of the fans against Atletico de Madrid, could it be the day? That the clean sheet will be kept?

Dani: Well it would be nice to keep a clean sheet, but if we don’t achieve that and are still in Cardiff, I don’t think the fans will be discontent

Reporter: Everyone is saying that Isco Is going through the best parts of his career so far, Zidane said that what he does in the field, not many footballers can do. What does he bring to the match that is different from the rest of the squad?

Dani: I think that Isco is a different player. I think that when Isco has the ball, it is pure fantasy. And I think that he gives us a lot, him, just like the rest of the team. Truth is we have 24 fantastic players, that's why they are in Real Madrid. And the hard task is left to the Mister, who has to choose an eleven for every match

Reporter: We've been talking about Isco here and how he's wonderful, but what about you? You've been having a spectacular season, do you consider that you are second in your position to anyone right now?

Dani: Well, first of all, I don't like to compare myself to other players. I try to do my job the best I can, and help the team. I'm in a good moment right now, physically and in my level of play. And I repeat, I try to help the team, to do things well and thank the Lord it's going well.

Reporter: Both Saul and Koke are players you consider your friends. Up until what point will this friendship help you stop them?

Dani: I have many friends. Not just in Atlético but also in other teams. But once the referee blows his whistle, all friendships are put aside we all try to reach our respective objectives on the pitch, give our all, and when the ref whistles at the end, we become friends once more. Each one of us defends our colors and I think it will be like this always.

Reporter: Real Madrid have eliminated Atlético in the past Champions league outings, do you think Atlético will come out even more enraged?

Dani: Well, not enraged, I think that they will try to come out and play their game in this tie. They'll utilize their weapons to try and pass. They, just like us, forget about the past. It's a new season, a new Champions, and we're both one step away from reaching the final and hopefully it falls our way.

Reporter: A question here about the two stars of each team. In one side you have Ronaldo, who is the star of Madrid, on the other side you have Griezmann, who's Atleti's star. At the moment, Cristiano has given his all, Griezmann Is still growing. What would you say that Griezmann needs to reach Cristiano's level?

Dani: [with a face of incredulity] Well, it's a bit of a difficult question.. they're different players. Like you've said two global stars and well... I just don't know! It's very difficult to answer. Griezmann Is a very good player, last year he was so close to winning both the Euros and the Champions, which was what Cristiano won. I hope he has a very successful career and that he gives it his all! Except during this semifinal of course [with a bit of a smirk].

Source: Real Madrid Press Conference

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