Real Madrid should return to traditional jersey colors

This is the time of year that European club teams begin to unveil their jerseys for the next season. Many teams wear their new jerseys for their final match of the season, and this is around the time that we would see Real Madrid release their jerseys as well. So far, no official word on what the home, away and 3rd jerseys will be has come down from the team, but we have leaks as to what the 2017-18 Real Madrid squad will wear when they take the field.

The main theme: teal. The home, away, and 3rd jerseys all either have teal trim or, in the case of the 3rd jersey, completely teal. Even the training and prematch tops are expected to be dripping with teal. It's an interesting choice of color for the team that, if the next few weeks go well, could take the field as defending La Liga champions and 2-time defending Champions League title holders.

Over the past few years, we've seen Los Blancos take the field in orange, dark green, blue, red, pink and purple. Going forward, I'd love for Real Madrid to reduce their color palette to some timeless combinations that have never failed them. For the home jersey, our best combinations have always been white with black trim, followed closely by white with blue trim and white with purple trim. These home jerseys have always presented a clean look, Adidas templates notwithstanding. It also feels like a traditional Real Madrid look, and over the years, that is a constant that I'd love to see continue. As for away and 3rd jerseys, I appreciate the occasional break from tradition to give us a pink or yellow jersey, but I think we look best on the road in black, royal blue or purple. You can flip back and forth between those colors and always have a fresh, clean look for Los Galacticos.

So, black, royal blue, purple...use these traditional Real Madrid elements and you'll always have a clean look every season. It's too late for 2017-18, but hopefully in 2018-19 we can see another clean look. Oh, and keep the crest on the jerseys full color and not monochromatic. We have the most recognizable, most elegant crest in all of need to alter it for the sake of a jersey!