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Real Madrid vs Malaga - Match Preview

Los Blancos are one match away from La Liga title

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Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

The last match of the season.

It comes this time each year, and with it a double dose of mixed excitement and disappointment. Depending on where Real Madrid sits in the table, either with all to play for or nothing to gain, either in control of their own destiny or anxiously awaiting the results of another match, sadly, this is the last La Liga match of the season.

This year, fortunately, is one that contains infinitely more excitement than disappointment. We are the masters of our own destiny, we control our own fate, in what will be our first La Liga title in 5 years.

Our opponent for this fateful match is currently in-form Malaga away at La Rosaleda. Their recent rash of games under new coach Jose Miguel has seen them absolutely dominate Barcelona as well as defeat Sevilla and Celta de Vigo. Most recently, they drew Real Sociedad with a fairly tame performance, but overall have had a well-above-average 2017.

The last time we faced Malaga at home saw Sergio Ramos single-handedly take them down with two goals in a cagey affair at the Bernabeu.

A few talking points ahead of this match undoubtedly start with Carlos Kameni who has historically been kryptonite for Cristiano Ronaldo. Kameni is a very capable keeper and has been a huge part of Malaga’s success. But when he faces CR7, he seems to go next-level parry to Ronaldo’s thrust. It will be interesting to watch this classic battle unfold as the Dark Invader has been in other-wordly form himself.

The other inevitable talking point on the final jornada, is how our competition might approach this match given the table standings. I contend that these teams are professionals and would never give away a match or go out with less than a desire to win, but I’m also convinced that rivalries and table standing play a subconscious role in the level of effort.

Malaga sit solidly mid-table and their future can not be impacted by either a win or loss against Real Madrid tomorrow. But the impact for their opponent could not be greater. If Real Madrid win or draw, they better their Barca rivals for the League title for the first time since 2012. But if Malaga wins, then Barcelona, with whom Malaga have a more heated rivalry, would once again be crowned champions. So one can easily surmise that this massive impact crosses the Malaga player’s minds, particularly let’s say, if Real Madrid score and early goal. Do they give their all to try and come back knowing Barca will be champs? Or do they put on a respectable, legitimate show, but not bleed for a win?

Regardless of any credence you might give this end-of-season subconscious hooey, as Real Madrid fans, going into the final match of the season, with our current form and all to play for, you can’t ask for much more excitement than this.

How to watch Malaga vs Real Madrid

Day: Wednesday, May 21th 2017.

Kick-off time: 20:00 CET, 02:00 pm EST.

Venue: La Rosaleda, Malaga, Spain.

Available TV: BeIN Sports (USA), Movistar Partidazo (Spain).

Available streaming: BeIN Sports Connect (USA), Fubo.TV (EVERY Real Madrid game with a high-quality and legal stream, click here to sign up and benefit from a huge offer for new members and Managing Madrid readers).

Prediction: Malaga 0-2 Real Madrid (Benzema, Ronaldo)

Staff Predictions

Result (1) Score (2) Goal Scorers (3) Total Score
Result (1) Score (2) Goal Scorers (3) Total Score
Om RM Win 2-1 CR7, Ramos; Higuaín 42
Kiyan RM Win 3-1 Benz, CR7, Asensio; Pjanic 45
Timm RM Win 2-1 (RM win extra time) CR7, Ramos; Dybala 41
Mike - - - 34
Lucas RM Loss 1-2 CR7; Higuaín, Dybala 26
Nate RM Win 4-2 -CR7x2, Bale, Morata; Higuain, Dybala 47
Marc - - - 3
Lewis - - - 10
Tommy RM Loss 1-2 Benz; Higuaín, Mandzukic 19
Naguib RM Win 2-0 CR7, Bale 29
Vicki - - - 1
Ondra RM Win 2-0 CR7, Ramos 18
Jack RM Win 2-2 (RM win on pk's 4-3) CR7, Ramos; Dybala x2 6
Matt RM Win 1-0 CR7 8
Sam RM Win 2-1 - 1
José RM Win 3-1 CR7 x2, Morata; Mandzukic 3

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