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Malaga 0-2 Real Madrid, 2017 La Liga: Player Ratings


Malaga CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

They’ve done it! Real Madrid are La Liga Champions! After a strong and complete performance against Malaga, Los Blancos came out on top 0-2, ensuring their chance to be crowned the kings of Spain yet again. The performance by each Real player was both applaudable and even-keeled. Each player provided enough to give their side the desired victory while giving fans enough energy and flair to make the final match interesting.

Keylor Navas: 9

Costa Rica’s number one goalkeeper brought his A game to Madrid’s title winning match. Saving shot after shot, the goalkeeper’s top highlight came when he flew into the post, both saving the shot and injuring himself.

Sergio Ramos: 7.5

This was a typical Sergio Ramos performance. He was all over the pitch, creating chances off of corners, and occasionally providing a reckless tackle. Nevertheless, Ramos’ effort led to the creation of Benzema’s second half goal.

Raphael Varane: 7

It was a quiet act from Varane, but that is not to say he didn’t have a good match. The French center back did what he needed to in order to ensure a Real Madrid victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 8.5

What can you say? Ronaldo has done it again. The Portuguese winger scored Madrid’s first goal only two minutes into the match and didn’t quit there. His engine continued to run until the full 90, providing energy and leadership for his side.

Toni Kroos: 7.5

Strong passing, laser crosses, and perfect corner kicks, the German midfielder didn’t need to add any more to the match.

Karim Benzema: 7.5

Who else but Karim Benzema to ensure Madrid a smooth and safe victory by scoring the match’s final goal? The Frenchman scored his side’s second after tapping in a Toni Kroos cross. The striker offered Madrid a few more chances in the final half before being subbed off for Alvaro Morata in the 73rd minute.

Marcelo: 7.5

Marcelo gave Madrid crisp tackling and top speed. The Brazilian caused a few rumbles in the crowd when he accidentally stepped on Malaga midfielder Camacho’s face, but they made up after, so who cares?

Casemiro: 7

Strong tackles and relentless effort, that’s what Real Madrid fans are used to seeing out of their Brazilian defensive midfielder. Besides a small slip up in the second half that nearly led to a Malaga goal, Casemiro’s performance was respectable.

Luka Modric: 8.5

A few tricks here and there while completely controlling the pitch, Luka Modric put together a praiseworthy appearance.

Isco: 7.5

It only took two minutes for Isco to make his mark on the match. The attacking midfielder provided the assist for Ronaldo’s second-minute goal. Apart from the initial assist, Isco played an even-keeled 66 minutes for Madrid, eventually being subbed off for James.

Danilo: 7

It was a crazy match for Danilo. Running all around the pitch both defending and attacking, the Brazilian defender gave it his all.

James Rodriguez (Substitution): 6

Rodriguez came on for Isco but was unable to show any brilliance.

Mateo Kovacic (Substitution): 6

Kovacic subbed on for Casemiro and played an adequate second half.

Alvaro Morata (Substitution): 6

Morata did not have enough time to make an impact.

Player of the Match: Keylor Navas

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