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WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Mimics Dad & Scores Incredible Free Kick

Like father, like son.

The Best FIFA Football Awards Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

We often say there will be only one Cristiano Ronaldo, but it’s starting to look like that may not be the case. Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., is doing his best to emulate his father in every way - whether that’s through his fashion choices or the in way he takes free-kicks.

Only Ronaldo’s kid could look as fly as this.

Recently, CR7 V2 scored an excellent free-kick and it was scary how much he looked like his father. The stance, the run-up, the the strike... all learned at the mere age of six. I’ve been trying to learn how to do that my whole damn life and till date I look like a complete nut skying my set-pieces over the bar after taking the epic Cristiano stance. Think I should just stick to the classic Messi curler.

(But I’m getting off-topic here) Yesterday, Junior proved that his OG free-kick wasn’t a fluke, by netting an absolute screamer in a competitive game. And of course, Ronaldo made sure he was attending the match like a proper soccer-mum.


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Just think, Ronaldo has this dream of playing till he’s 40, which is only 8 years from now. By that time, Junior will be 14. If Ronaldo just stretches his career by another 4 years or so, it is possible that we see both Cristiano and his son playing at the same time. Even better, they both could be playing on the same team!! That sounds dope, but I don’t think the world could handle two Ronaldos. Records would be dropping like flies, every dude on the planet would feel emasculated, and basically everyone not on their team would hate them out of sheer jealousy.

So it’s highly probable that Junior becomes like a painter or something to serve the greater good of humanity.

But never think that’s because he’s not good enough. We all know a Ronaldo could become the G.O.A.T. if he wanted too.

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