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Mastermind Behind Ugly Ronaldo Statue Unveils Even Uglier Bale Bust

Oh no...

Paddy Power

You: “Why. Just why.”

Paddy Power: “We wanted clicks so we commissioned the dude who made the ugly Ronaldo bust to make an even uglier Bale one.”

You: “#%#&&$#^&*$%$@$$@%

Paddy Power: “Even better. In our article we openly make fun of the artist we commissioned while subtly slipping in the supposed £25,000 valuation of the thing and that you can buy it at our store.”


So yeah. Paddy Power pulled a kind of a dick move for clicks and $’s, but [insert some cliché about that being the world we live in now]. I wonder if Barcelona is behind all of this in some grand conspiracy to scare Bale, and possibly Ronaldo, away from playing in the final. I mean, imagine trying to arrive in Cardiff with the goal of keeping absolute focus and then you see something like this. Bale would probably scurry his ass out of there as fast as possible while Ronaldo lies on the ground convulsing from flashbacks he has been desperately trying to bury.

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