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MM Drawing Board

Haters gon’ hate (part 2)


Welcome to our drawing board. A few times per month, our resident cartoonist, Finn, will sling out some dope and exclusive art for you — usually on the back of a big moment that’s captured our attention in the Real Madrid world. Here is this week’s drawing, and if you ever want to look back at Finn’s previous (and amazing) work, just check out our Drawing Board page. Of course, you may want to check out the dope shirts Finn designed as well.

Haters never truly do stop hating — it’s engrained in their gene pool. Haters will hate until their heart stops beating, even if facts and greatness slap them sideways en route. But, at the very least, haters can disappear -- and Ronaldo is the ultimate hater-silencer of all. He’s clutch, scores on the biggest stages of the sport — and does it prolifically.

From Finn, here’s ‘Haters gon’ hate: part 2’ (part 1 can be found here):

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