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Peña: All In, A Managing Madrid Documentary

A story of passion, fandom, & Real Madrid.

Managing Madrid's first documentary short: PEÑA: All IN is the story of passion, fandom, Real Madrid - and the people who devote their lives to following the greatest club on earth. Filmed during Real Madrid's historic Champions League final victory over Juventus, Peña chronicles the story of one of Real Madrid's most ardent supporters groups - La Peña Madridista del Sur de California - as they experience the match first-hand. The emphasis from the founder/leaders of the group is on family and a sense of togetherness. The goal is to build an authentic community where hardcore supporters of Madrid can cry, laugh, and bleed white as one. The result is an experience unique to those in the Peña, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

A Managing Madrid production, PEÑA was directed by Nat Lezra, produced by Gabe Lezra and features La Peña Madridista del Sur de California.

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