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Theo Hernández officially presented as a Real Madrid player

A seemingly impossible transfer is officially concluded.

Theo Hernández
Real Madrid @ 2017

At first, it appeared as an impossible signing, but as time passed on and reports were written, it started to look like Real Madrid will indeed sign Theo Hernández, one of La Liga's revelations last season. And then last week, on Wednesday, Real Madrid released a simple statement consisting of just three sentences.

However, don't let the appearance fool you, it was anything but a simple boring transfer. There’ve been many exciting Atletico players in the past, to name a few –- David De Gea, Radamel Falcao, Sergio Agüero and others. And you would be right to think that it would take a special player to break this mystical pact between Atlético and Real Madrid. And it did. Maybe it wasn’t the kind of special player you’d expect, but a special player nonetheless. Theo is special and he fought hard to be in Real Madrid.

At just 19 years of age, Theo is already a fantastic physical specimen. As the physical demands in today's game grow, it is imperative that you find players that blend raw power and physicality with technique. Theo Hernández is exactly that type of a player.

Throughout the spring, Theo was constantly subject to immense media and fan pressure not to sign with their arch rivals Real Madrid. Atlético tried to offer him to other big European clubs among which Barcelona's name was on the front list. However, Theo didn't budge. He had his mind set on Real Madrid and there was nothing in the world that would convince him otherwise. So the agreement was reached and today Theo Hernández appeared for the first time in a Real Madrid shirt.

Florentino Pérez in his opening statement reflected Theo's personal resolve to join Real Madrid and he correctly added that this is something that Real Madrid fans won't ever forget and therefore they will cheer and applaud a bit more, when his name is announced at Santiago Bernabéu.

'First and foremost, you wanted to come here and defend this badge despite other big European clubs wanting to sign you. Your commitment and conviction is something that won't be forgotten by everyone at Real Madrid.'

'You did everything in your power to be here and pulling this shirt on. We're certain that you'll go on to lift many pieces of silverware during your time here. Today you're here where you wanted to be and a marvellous experience as a Real Madrid player awaits you. I want to give you heartfelt thanks for wanting to share in our fans' dreams alongside all the rest of us as we continue to make history all together.'

Theo kept his speech extremely short, but he did put a lot of emphasis on learning and wanting to work with the world's best. Later during his press conference, he once again reiterated that he is here to learn and to reach the top.

'Many thanks to the president, the supporters and the players for the welcome they've given me. I'm very pleased to be here at the best club in the world. I've come here to learn from the best and work together to win a lot of trophies. Many thanks to everyone and Hala Madrid!'

It's always good to see a young player who is aware that the world's best player in that position is in front of him, and, instead of being angry at the lack of playing time, wants to learn from him. It will benefit him, the team, and also us, because the trophy room will likely get larger.

‘He's the best wing-back in the world and what I'm going to do is work hard, follow his lead and try to get some minutes. I'm here for him to help him.'

Welcome Theo, you're here to stay, to conquer and to reach the top! We wish you all the best.

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