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MM Drawing Board: ‘Thank You’ Edition

Finn says thanks!


Welcome to our drawing board. A few times per month, our resident cartoonist, Finn, will sling out some dope and exclusive art for you — usually on the back of a big moment that’s captured our attention in the Real Madrid world. Here is this week’s drawing, and if you ever want to look back at Finn’s previous (and amazing) work, just check out our Drawing Board page. Of course, you may want to check out the dope shirts Finn designed as well.

It’s been a while since Finn has slung some new art at us — but hey, the guy works hard throughout the season and deserves some vacay. Today’s art, off-season and all, is less traditional. Recently, one commenter asked FInn to make an animated logo of sorts. This is that — kinda. Finn just wanted to take a moment from his hotel to say thank you to all for supporting his work. Pretty great of him. Personally, I think we’re the ones who should be thanking him.

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