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Post-Match Press Conference (2017 Spanish Super Cup 2nd Leg): Real Madrid 2 - 0 FC Barcelona

“We're not going to get euphoric, this is a long-run thing and we'll enjoy the moment.”

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid - Supercopa de Espana: 1st Leg Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Zidane lauded the achievements of his players in the pressroom following Real’s win over Barca while reminding everyone to calm down just a bit.

On Winning the Super Cup

“We had to be ready on the 8th of August for the first title. We've won two significant trophies against two big rivals. It stands us in good stead to start the season. Now La Liga begins and it's going to be even more difficult.”

“I'm pleased with how we're doing things, and in particular with how we're playing. The first 15 or 20 minutes were spectacular in pressing high up and how we kept hold of the ball. It was a very good first half. In the second we had to dig in a bit because this opposition can cause you problems, that's to be expected. We wanted to play just as we did and when things go to plan you're happy. The players were fantastic. We're not going to get euphoric, this is a long-run thing and we'll enjoy the moment.”

On His Squad

“It's not just Asensio, everyone's doing a great job and working well. They all do what's expected of them. Now we're starting over. We're going to have to show it again in La Liga. It's going to be a difficult season against tough opposition. The players are in great shape and they know what they want to achieve. It's a group who want to keep winning matches and trophies. I'm enjoying all that's happening now. I'm thrilled with Marco's goal because I love football and when I see a goal like that I'm impressed, just like everyone who enjoys the game.”

“The players deserve it. They are talented and working hard. Winning two trophies against the likes of Manchester United, a great team, and Barcelona is not easy. Behind that lies our will and hard work. This team is hungry and you see that when we play. This is a great way to start, everyone is content. We are going into a long season, but we are ready.”

On Key moments in the Super Cup

“There were many key things, the important thing is that we believe, which we do. We played well in both legs. The first half was spectacular. We were strong from the start. It was the game we expected and we are thrilled. It is another trophy, we have to congratulate the players, they were great.”

On His Career

“I’m really pleased, I love my work and winning 7 titles with these players... It is a great start and we’re still on the run we were on before, having won La Liga and the Champions League. We are coming to the end of one part, we've got another couple of titles and now we start the season, we have to do everything to win and it will be complicated.”

On His Squad Changes

“I have a spectacular squad and when I make changes you notice it. It is true that taking Isco out, after a great game against Barcelona, can be tough on the player. But the players know this will be a long road and we’ll play more than 65 games. I am happy when I change the team around without changing the dynamic.”

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