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Three Predictions for this Season

Time to put on our wizard hat!

Real Madrid v FC Barcelona - Supercopa de Espana: 2nd Leg Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

While the season has just gotten underway, I feel we still have time to squeeze in predictions. So, here we go! Here are my predictions (and wishes) for the upcoming season.

I’ve learned over the years to trust my gut. This season, for whatever reason, feels special — could I just be feeling this way because hope springs eternal and so does the start of football season?

Okay, let’s stop waxing poetic and get to what I would call my bold predictions for the 2017/2018 season.

The Treble

Winning a treble has never been done in the long rich history of the club. Sure, we’ve had plenty of doubles — but not the treble. Just look at last year — a double! We’re only a trophy away from making a treble happen. I’m looking over at you Copa Del Rey, you cheeky bastard.

The squad assembled this year is deep — deep enough to compete across three competitions this term.

If there’s one thing that Zizou has shown us it’s that he’s got rotations down to a science, even if his substitution patterns at times can be baffling. This is a team so deep that one of its main players, Cristiano Ronaldo, can be out for four matches and the team doesn’t have to panic.

Then when Ronaldo returns it makes the club even stronger and things will only go up from there. If the BBC can be a cohesive unit this season I see no reason why the treble can’t be a legit goal. Plus, if there’s a squad that’s going to bring the treble home this season, it’s this one. There are a limited number of clubs that can challenge Real Madrid enough that you can count them on one hand.

Gareth Bale remains healthy

I know. Bold, right?

Gareth Bale, or the Glass Dragon if you want, is going to have a healthy season. Last year was a downer for Bale and the fans of Real Madrid. My feeling is that he’ll more than make up for it this season.

He scored the first goal of the season for Los Blancos in the last two years. I believe this season isn’t going to be the same ol’ same ol’ when it comes to Gareth working with the Physios.

The last season he was fully healthy was in 2014/2015 where he only missed three matches all season on his way to 17 goals and 12 assists through all competitions. If we can get the 14/15 Bale, that’s one more step towards the treble and keeping the BBC sharp and productive. If he gets injured, it’s not like we don’t have someone to play in his place.

Thank you, deep roster.

Real Madrid will finish in first by double digits

Last season the Royal Whites finished in first place by three points, enough to win but close enough to make it a bit nervy. That’s why I think this season Atletico Madrid will finish double digits behind in second place. I think again this team is good enough and deep enough to put some distance between them and any challengers. Zizou has an arsenal of attacking talent at his disposal.

Just look at the weapons this club has: CR7, Benzema, Bale, Acensio, Isco and the list goes on and our bench players could be the first choice XI on any other team — but they have chosen to be Madridista. And let’s not forget our world class manager Zizou, he’s the one that helped bring the Champions League title home in back-to-back seasons. He could likely bring us a three-peat in the Champions League.

There you have it, hope springing eternal.

I always see other people do predictions, so I felt it was time to do one of my own. How many of these will actually happen? That’s the fun part, we get to see it play out over the next 37 La Liga match days, and we’ll find out our group assignment for the Champions League on Friday.

If I go one for three, I’ll honestly be happy. The most realistic one is Gareth Bale, even though he is made of glass — I just have a positive feeling about what he’s going to bring to the club this season. Either way the season is already starting to unfold in front of our eyes.

Like you, I’m a Madridista for life.

This club has a personal meaning for me, Los Blancos and Managing Madrid got me through some rough times early on.

I will live and die (metaphorically) with this club.


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