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Announcing r/RealMadrid AMA

Managing Madrid hits Reddit on August 7th

Pre-season has been left behind, and with it, the irrational hot-takes can get some rest. On Tuesday, Real Madrid play their first real meaningful game of the season -- the UEFA Super Cup against Manchester United. Immediately after, we’re treated to a two-legged Clasico in the Spanish Super Cup. The flurry of content awaits.

In the build-up to to the season, we’re collaborating with Reddit’s subreddit, r/RealMadrid, by doing an AMA. I’ll be answering questions from fans for a whole hour (or two) live. This will be a fun experience. I’m used to doing mailbags and live videos, but rarely do I go in and answer every question. It will be very interactive.

Here is some more information on the AMA, which will be happening on August 7th at 9:30 PM EST. If you’re on Reddit, lock it in. If you’re not, lock it in anyway and sign up.

Reaching out like this is something we may do regularly. Managing Madrid has grown a lot in the past year or so. Our Facebook page has jumped from 12k to 90k likes in about six months, our podcast listens have jumped by about 1500, and our team of writers have done a tremendous job of churning out content year-round. This is only the beginning. Rest assured we’ll continue to grow without sacrificing quality.

On a side note, next week, starting with this Reddit AMA, will be when I start buckling down into the regular-season routine again: columns, regular podcasts on both the Managing Madrid and Churros y Tácticas channels, immediate reactions, live HT videos, etc. Looking forward to another outstanding season alongside y’all!

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