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Real Madrid 2017/2018 - A Legacy In The Making?

Is this the beginning of the next great era?

Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

What defines a legacy in this day and age?

When you think of the greatest teams who had an amazing run, which one's come to mind? Is it most recently, and unfortunately, Pep's Barcelona? How about the late-90's Manchester United? Late 80's AC Milan? Juventus from 80-86, or, for we Real Madrid fans, all the way back to the unbelievable 1955-1960 Real Madrid domination?

I think what defines a legacy team isn't just the trophies. Yes, winning most-everything there is to win certainly means a great deal. After all, it's the winners who get to write the history books. But I think in addition to the titles, history-making teams are those with the type of squad that not only dominates the league/tourneys, but are able impose their will on matches. I mean the kind of dominance that is palpable when their competition walks on the field and looks timid. The kind that, when you see them as your opponent for next week's fixture, you honestly feel a little sick to your stomach because you know you'll be lucky to walk away with a close loss and just pray not to get slaughtered.

It's difficult to qualify, but in general, these legacy teams possess the combination of incredible talent and indomitable spirit and drive that it takes to sustain wins. The drive to win is always there for these professionals. You hear them in every presser expressing their singular, consistent goal - to win as many titles as there are, for as many years as they can at the club. But I think the drive to sustain dominance once you've achieved it is totally different. After you've climbed and topped the mountain, fighting to stay up there requires a completely different set of determination and focus.

Real Madrid are in the middle of a dynasty

Say it loud, say it proud: We are in the middle of a dynasty.

Posted by Managing Madrid on Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Zidane Era - So far

Do the last two years under Zidane qualify as a solid enough foundation from which to measure a legacy? Zidane certainly got off to a roaring start with a 12 game unbeaten streak to nearly steal the league from Barcelona in 2015/2016. That feat was immediately followed by the Undecima win - no too shabby for Zizou's first 6 months.

During last season, Zidane's first full, well, a double with the first league win in 5 years coupled with an historic second consecutive UCL trophy is also not to bad. Not too mention the year-long, 40 match unbeaten streak during which Zidane and the team had more trophies than defeats. That's a pretty dang good way to continue.

It would be tough to argue, purely from a trophy perspective, that ZZ isn't off to a pretty ideal start to a legacy.

But as discussed above, trophies aside, does Zizou and his squad have what it takes to truly craft a legacy?

Will this season cement the legend?

So do we have what it takes to go down in the history books after this season? Our venerable chief editor, Kiyan Sobhani seems to think so. If you haven't already, be sure to read his bold prediction for Real Madrid over at FourFourTwo. (Spoiler - it's the trifecta)

After a somewhat lackluster pre-season, which I personally don't mind (I’d rather them take it easy and come away injury-free), it's certainly way too early to tell how our squad is going to come together this year. But on the face of it, maybe with exception of a backup striker, we are scary, scary deep once again.

With burgeoning talent, the likes of Kovacic and Asensio in particular added stead to the team, comes more experience to counterbalance the IMPOSSIBLY talented youth we've secured in Llorente, Ceballos, Hernandez et al. How they come together, and how quickly the flow and execution of the team can get rolling will set the stage for the first part of the season, and ultimately our success.

One thing that I've been more of a fan of Zidane than almost anything else, and the part I'm least worried about during his era, is his ability to embody, elicit, and sustain the motivation and determination required. His team never feels like they are resigned, and their collective will to fight is palpable - those qualities, if none other, are most likely to ensure a legacy.


Will Real Madrid cement a Zidane Legacy this season?

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