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WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo | All Goals Cutting Inside From The Wings

The right-footed Arjen Robben?

The dreaded international break is back, and with it, boredom, irritation, and a longing for “actual” football. Which genius decided to interrupt the beginning of the season with ghastly 0-0 draws between nations who often have 1-2 stars at best? There’s so much momentum and hype building up to the beginning of the footballing year, and instead of capitalizing on it and throwing fans into the season proper, the air is punched out of us and we’re forced to sit through a deflating lull.

So what to do? I have an idea. Watch this 5 minute video of Ronaldo cutting inside from the wing and scoring. While it’s no replacement for real football, it should provide welcome relief from international soccer’s discombobulation. At the very least, it’ll take you back to some memorable times where Ronaldo single-handedly vaporized a defense and punched in a laser-guided missile from 30 yards out. And that, in my mind, is better than Portugal vs. the Faroe Islands any day of the week.

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