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Report: Navalcarnero 2-1 Real Madrid Castilla

A new low...... Until next week.

Where do I begin with this freak show? Let’s try with the line-up. There were indeed 11 names read out, but prior to kick off, guessing where they would all play was as difficult as watching the game itself. Solari decided to try out both Campuzano and Gómez together up front. Tejero was rested after his first team call-up, but Solari still decided to play Quezada as a winger, opting to misplay Álex Martín at right-back. Today's opponents Navalcarnero had a similar start to the season, so this was a good chance to see what level Castilla were at. A poor start even before kick-off, but nothing in comparison to what was about to come.

Off the top of my head, I am struggling to pick out a worse game than this. And the others I thought of were all recent Castilla performances, too. Castilla couldn’t muster up anything more than a heavy punt forward, usually out for a throw-in. This was all game long, mind you.

10 minutes in, Arturo Molina was skinned before pulling a muscle in his leg and having to be replaced. Mancebo came on, just as Navalcarnero started to noticeably playact. The hosts’ tactic was to allow Castilla to have the ball in their own half, and then press whenever they attacked the space just beyond. They didn’t press particularly well at all, but because Castilla have literally no idea how to react against any tactics, they continued to hope that long balls forward would be the answer.

Just before half time, another fatal turning point ensued. Óscar Rodríguez received his second yellow card, and was sent off. This was incredibly harsh, as neither of his incidents were worthy of even a foul. Nonetheless, Castilla had to regroup at the break ready to play the second half a man down.

The beginning of the second half miraculously brought Castilla some good fortune. They were awarded a penalty when Campuzano was brought down in the box. Unpredictably, Javier Sánchez stepped up to take the kick. He just about did enough to put Castilla 1-0 up! Navalcarnero were not a good team, and if Castilla played their cards right, they could come out with a win at this point.

Sadly, Luca Zidane was in goal. He got the ball, and like he always does, kept it for far too long. An attacker closed him down, and Luca wrestled his challenger to the ground. Penalty, and a red card for Luca Zidane. Castilla now had to play with nine men. Of course, they went on to lose the game. Belman was brought in, but he could do nothing to stop a deflected shot finding the back of the net to put the hosts in front. The game ended 2-1 to Navalcarnero, and pushed Castilla closer to that relegation place.


Luca Zidane

Luca Zidane is a below average five-a-side outfield player, and that’s only on a good day. This mistake only adds to the countless others he has committed, which have cost his team the game. The other day on Twitter I spoke about what I thought Zizou’s worst trait was. I now want to change that, his worst trait is his influence on the club’s managers. He ensures that Luca keeps his spot, no matter how terrible a keeper he is. The best thing that has happened under Solari’s Castilla, was the transformation of Luca from the worst keeper going, to an alright one at the end of last season. All of that work has come undone now, and Luca is back to his old ways. Countless better players have been shut out to accommodate him. This is the first team’s third goalkeeper we are talking about. Real Madrid are two injuries away from fielding this guy... Let that sink in. Things have to change, and fast.

Santiago Solari

Of course. Luca may have cost us the game, but this whole mess comes down to Solari. Navalcarnero were a terrible side, and even they managed to undo Castilla. This is the worst Castilla team I have seen, and Solari makes it that much worse. The man has a Real Madrid side playing hoof ball, and not even good hoof ball. It is worth noting, that although they were better, last years side weren’t a very good team either. Yet, eight of those players (not including Luca Zidane who is potentially worse than my aunt) are now playing their trade in some of Europe’s top leagues, and they don’t look out of place. If those players are so good, then why was Castilla so bad?

Simple: Santiago Solari is one of the worst managers on the planet. I haven’t got much else to say that hasn’t already been said. Solari gotta go.

You could say that Castilla were hard done by today, but they should never have been struggling against a team of this calibre in the first place. The team has reached a new low, and the longer that Santiago Solari is in charge, the worse it will get.

At first glance, Castilla’s next four fixtures look to be relatively easy. However, it is almost guaranteed that they will drop further points. If they can get enough results, they should stray clear of a relegation scrap. If not then they are going to be in genuine trouble. Six games have gone, and I give Solari four more — tops. Could this be the week he finally gets the boot? Well, we can always collectively hope, right?

Goal: Javier Sánchez

MOTM: Jaume Grau

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