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Match Report: Real Madrid Castilla 2-0 Coruxo FC

Castilla earn their first win of 2018 after a thrilling second half of football!

Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Youth League Photo by Real Madrid/Real Madrid via Getty Images

This Castilla season has proved long and tiresome, and if it weren’t for a recent run of form (unbeaten in 10 out of the last 11 games), then the campaign would be a complete train wreck. All of this has taken it’s toll on yours truly, and the match reports have taken a hit. Often there is simply nothing to write about from games, and if there is, then it is probably going to be negative. Today, Castilla played Coruxo in the first home game of 2018. With the away game ending 3-0 to Castilla, Coruxo were looking to provide an upset. After Solari bizarrely ditched his successful line up last week — opting to push Cristo González back out wide in the 3-1 Majadahonda loss -- he reverted back to usual this week.

The first half was unfortunately as tedious as possibly predictable. Sadly Sergio Reguilón sustained an injury early on, and despite doing his best to carry on, had to be replaced by Mancebo. Other than a couple of chances from Javier Sánchez and Jaime Seaone, almost nothing else of note happened. That is until the last minute, when Castilla won a free-kick, a significant distance from goal. The best player from the first half, Óscar Rodríguez, stepped up, and scored what even for him, was an unbelievable effort. The half time whistle blew seconds later.

This goal proved to motivate everyone from both sides. The second half was actually really good to watch. Both teams had plenty of chances, and Castilla were playing very well. Jaime Seoane was as vital as always in that midfield, and Óscar was having the best game of his season. This isn’t to say Coruxo didn’t have their moments. Javier Belman made save after save to keep Castilla in front, and the defence stayed strong all game long. Dani Gómez came on, as well as Arturo Molina — and they were instantly involved. Gómez picked the ball up before cutting inside, and feeding his score-chart rival Seoane to finish nicely for his fifth goal of the season. The team had to defend well for their clean-sheet, but they were up to the challenge as the game finished 2-0, earning Castilla their first win of 2018!

I feel that this is a fitting moment to discuss the situation regarding Dani Gómez. It is rare that I address unconfirmed rumours in the media, but this particular story seems to have some truth to it. Dani has not been a starter for a while now, even though he is potentially Castilla’s best player. There have been stories flying around that he has refused a contract extension with the club, and has been dropped from any first team involvement, as well as the Castilla starting line-up indefinitely. I don’t know why he wouldn’t sign, but to me he should be playing more often either way. This problem has already put his progressions of what was looking like a good season for him on hold, and punishing him will help nobody. It’s worth keeping an eye on this situation and how it develops in the next few months.

As for Castilla, it was refreshing to see such an exciting game again! I can only apologize for my inactivity this season, and I will be trying to cover more of these matches for you guys in the future! Man of the match today went to Javier Belman who was top class all game. If Luca Zidane was in goal, then we could well be talking about a loss right now. It was also brilliant to see Óscar Rodríguez have such a good game. He has been average at best so far this year, so if he can push on from here he’ll end the season in a really good place. Castilla play Ponferradina next week, which is another winnable game. If they can build another good run of results, then maybe we can start mentioning the play-offs one day soon...

Goals: Rodríguez, Seoane


MOTM: Belman

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