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Kroos and Germany fall to Netherlands 3-0

The rough road continues for Germany.

Korea Republic v Germany: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images,

For the first time in 16 years, the Netherlands have defeated Germany. And it is the first time in the history between these two countries that the Netherlands have won by 3 goals.

Following a very disappointing defense of the their championship at this year’s World Cup, Germany continued their poor international campaign in their Nations Cup match against the Netherlands at the Amsterdam Arena.

It was a big night for Liverpool players, as Wijnaldum and Van Dijk scored for the Oranje. Lyon’s Memphis Depay also scored. Despite holding possession and the shot total, Germany came up way short. They had a great set of chances but just couldn’t finish them off to save their lives, a prevalent problem in the World Cup as well.

Kroos wasn’t great, like most of the team. He was played a bit out of position, and Germany really lack a Casemiro-type midfielder.

Germany just appear to be finished at this point, many of their stars just don’t seem to be fit enough to start anymore. Boateng was horrendous again, Wijnaldum shook him out of his boots which led to him scoring his late-minute goal. It’s now been reported he is injured. Müller again was a complete non-factor, he also appears to be ready for international retirement. Hummels wasn’t completely terrible, but he looked very slow alongside Boateng as well. Timo Werner just can’t seem to score for Germany either.

With Özil controversially retiring, the attention is turned even more towards the players who are supposed to lead the team, especially Kroos. With many of the stars aging now, they’re going to have to add more young players to the squad in preparation for the Euros and eventually the next World Cup.

They might need a managerial change as well. Jogi Löw just doesn’t seem to be the answer anymore as manager, it’s probably time for a new vision. It just seems that Germany are too stuck on clinging to 2014 with some of the lineup decisions. So many players are being played in the wrong position. They’ve just reached a Löw point right now...(I’m so sorry).

As said before, Germany did have their chances that they just couldn’t finish. Kroos did help create some of these chances but it’s just an all-around poor time for Germany right now.

One player that Real Madrid need to seriously look into is Frenkie De Jong, even though his dream move is supposedly Barcelona. He looks like he’s going to be the next great midfielder alongside De Ligt who is gearing up to be the next great defender.

Kroos and Germany take on France on Tuesday in Saint-Denis, which should be quite interesting. Germany remain at the bottom of Group 1 with just 1 point in 2 matches played.

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