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Match Report: Celta Vigo B 1-1 Real Madrid Castilla!

Castilla continue to march on and on...


The Castilla results train is still in full motion, and is not showing any signs of stopping... This week brought on the latest challenge in the form of Celta Vigo B, a fixture that has produced some good battles in recent times. Vinícius Júnior was back for this one after an influx of first team involvement. Castilla were still chasing that top spot at the star of this game. The rest of the line-up was as so:

This game was the best of the season so far aesthetically. Both teams had a lot of quality about them, and were not afraid to show it off on the pitch. Celta were the one’s to draw first blood, rifling a shot into the top corner past Luca Zidane. That wasn’t the only action during the half, both teams created a fair number of chances - with both keepers stepping up to keep the scoreline a reasonable one.

In the second half Castilla piled on the pressure in search of an equaliser, but the hosts were able to soak it in well, tactically fouling in the right areas and physically bettering the Castilla boys on many occasions. Vinícius was being isolated well, on top of getting a tough time from the home crowd. He wasn’t playing all too well, but in a tight game like this it was always going to take a moment of individual brilliance to pull it back. Who else but Vinny J would be there to deliver it. He took on numerous players before being dragged down for the umpteenth time. He then placed the resulting free-kick into the top corner, before taking his time to appreciate the home fans disgust. This joy didn’t last long however, as minutes later he was sent off after receiving a second yellow card for diving. Castilla then had to dig deep for the few remaining minutes and salvage the draw. That they did.

So, we have another week on unbeatenness to enjoy. Yeah I made that word up. This was perhaps the best point yet! The team really had to work hard and produce a good performance to get something, and they managed to and have managed to consistently so far all season. Man of the match goes to Luca Zidane who was the real hero today, and kept Castilla in the game pulling off some excellent saves throughout. The team are 21 points from pretty much guaranteed safety. If we reach that quickly then maybe… Just maybe - we can begin to start thinking about dreaming. There’s another big game next week as Castilla take on play-off spot holders Fuenlabrada. I’ll be writing up a spin off article in the next few days delving into Castilla’s early success and some of the potential reasonings behind it, so be sure to keep an eye out for that one!

Goal: Vinícius Júnior

MOTM: Luca Zidane

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