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OFFICIAL: Mariano medical report

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Yet another injury for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid CF v Levante UD - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Real Madrid published a statement confirming that attacker Mariano sustained an injury during Sunday’s 5-1 loss to FC Barcelona in El Clasico.

After the tests carried out on our player Mariano by the Real Madrid Sanitas medical services, he has been diagnosed with a muscle injury to the biceps femoris in his right leg. The player’s situation will continue to be monitored.

This is a usual hamstring injury for the attacker. According to several reports, Mariano could miss the next two weeks with this injury, but knowing how tricky muscle issues are, he could need more time to recover properly from this.

So far, Mariano has been relegated to a role backing up Benzema. However, this hurts Real Madrid’s depth, especially now that they’ve got to play in the Copa del Rey. Mariano was probably going to start against Melilla tonight and now Solari might have to trust the players from the Academy if he wants to make rotations.