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Managing Madrid Podcast: Solari Debut

Gabe and Om discuss the win over Melilla

On this Patron-only episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast, Gabe Lezra and Om Arvind discuss:

  • Santi Solari debut--spooky scary!
  • Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen
  • But actually it was a fine effort from Madrid.
  • Gabe’s family is from Melilla, which is about as much as you can take from this match.
  • Thoughts on Madrid’s lineup--strong performances from Odriozola, Lucas Vazquez, Regulión, and Vinicius Jr.
  • But Solari hasn’t had time to actually implement his own tactics, so this isn’t exactly a result that reflects on his tactical ability.
  • The essential characteristics of dribbling, and why some players approach this element differently, and why some greats may vary their styles depending on their height.
  • Conte might be sliding off the table, but is he still an option? And what about other candidates?
  • Our dream candidates to *ahem* Manage Madrid.
  • And more

Thanks for being a Patron. We hope you enjoy the show.

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Hosts this week:

Gabe Lezra (@ElEzrah on Twitter)

Om Arvind (@OmVArvind on Twitter)

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