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Player Ratings: LaLiga 2018 Celta Vigo 2—Real Madrid 4

RC Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

Player Ratings


Casemiro—INC: Casemiro made it just 19 minutes into the match before he was subbed off for Dani Ceballos due to injury. Since he played only a small portion of the match after starting, he gets an incomplete rating. His great reaction to Kroos missing the open net while on the bench should earn Casemiro some points though.

Sergio Reguilón—8.5: Another starter that was subbed off due to injury before the first half ended. He did make it all the way to stoppage time before the first half which should earn him a rating, unlike Casemiro. Reguilón looked very good, his crossing is quite superb and he’s been a great replacement for Marcelo while he’s been out. A clear standout in this match for the 21-year-old was a beautiful cross to Benzema, who’s header was just saved by Celta’s keeper Sergio.

Alvaro Odriozola—8.5: Odriozola is another player that has worked very well in place of the injured Carvajal. One bright spot with Solari has been that he has entrusted Odriozola to fill-in at right back instead of Nacho and Vazquez, and it has worked out perfectly. His work rate is great and he is so quick that he has become a critical piece in working with the attack.

Thibaut Courtois—7.5: Was fairly good, did concede two goals but neither were really his fault. The last one would’ve been saved, but it appeared to be deflected off of Ceballos’ leg. He did make a great save on Iago Aspas, which would have put Celta level at 2-2.

Sergio Ramos—8: Ramos did score in this match on a penalty kick, went with the panenka over Sergio. He did get caught ball-watching at some points, which led to Celta’s first goal of the match. Outside of that he played well and mentored Sánchez. He and Sánchez seemed to work well together.

Nacho—7: Nacho also went off injured in this match, but not until the second half being replaced by Asensio. He played well, you know what you’re getting with Nacho and that’s solid defense.

Luka Modric—8: Had a brilliant pass that set-up Benzema’s goal, classic Modric. He still doesn’t seem to be completelyback yet, but he seems to be getting there each start. He had a good match and probably one of his best this season.

Toni Kroos—8: Had a good match as well. He didn’t have a crazy performance like he did against Plzen, but he is starting to get back to the Kroos we’re used to seeing. He did have a real good open-net chance that he embarrassingly missed, which made the bench have some great reactions.

Gareth Bale—7: He looked good at the start of the match before being kicked. After that brief injury, he wasn’t nearly as mobile or noticeable. He did set up Benzema with a titan-like throw-in that was just put wide of the goal. He wasn’t dispossessed and he made three good defensive tackles. It was clear the knock he took affected his speed and movements. I also don’t like him on the left side, think he needs to start back on the right wing.

Lucas Vazquez—6: Not really noticeable at all. For as much as he was a factor at times last year, he just hasn’t been this season. He was repeatedly dispossessed and really did nothing for the attack. Asensio needs to start again and Bale needs to go back to the right wing in Vazquez’s place.

Karim Benzema—9.5: Man of the match for good reason. Only credited with one goal, as his second was an on goal off of Cabral. If Benzema can stay in this form, Real Madrid are in real good shape going forward. Outside of the goal, he made that great pass that set up Kroos. He just seems to have found his old self under Solari right now.


Javi Sánchez—8: Sánchez came on for the injured Reguilón towards the closing of the first half. He made some great tackles as a center back and just continues to impress at such a young age. He really has flown under the radar, but he’s now making his presence known and will surely keep getting chances if he continues to put in these kinds of performances.

Marco Asensio—6.5: Needs to start for Vazquez moving forward. Didn’t do anything that great of note but we know he can contribute at times.

Dani Ceballos—7.5: Played quite well after coming on so early for Casemiro. He has been pretty good all season and just continues to make a case for why he belongs. Topped off a good match with a beautiful goal in stoppage time.

Bit disappointed we didn’t get to see Vinicius sub-in after how well he has played.


Santiago Solari—10: What can you say? Perfect in all 4 of his matches so far. This was his big test and he more than passed it. Give him the rest of the season.

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