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Match Report: Coruxo 2-1 Real Madrid Castilla!

Another predictably unpredictable game...

It’s been a weird season so far, not that you might expect anything less. Castilla still find themselves looking down at most of the other teams in third place, but their form has been mixed to say the least. That 40 point mark is still the aim, and very slowly it seems that we are edging closer to it. A win today would put them within touching distance! Although he didn’t feature in the first team squad, Javier Sánchez was nowhere to be seen for this one presumably due to injury. Vinícius Júnior is still on senior team duty, and likely will alwayys be from now on. The rest of the team was as so:

If Castilla won this game, they would have risen up to second place in the table, and it looked promising three minutes in! Álvaro Fidalgo reacted quickly and finish nicely, after the Coruxo goalkeeper parried Cristo González’s strike. Despite the quick start this game played out like basically every other game so far this season. Madrid looked sharp enough in their play, but lacked conviction. Although they lasted until half time, Coruxo were persistent, and didn’t take long to equalise. In typical fashion, Castilla were behind ten minutes later. To be fair on Coruxo, who weren’t great - they saw the game out well and slowed it down, preventing Castilla to get a good rhythm going. The game finished 2-1 to the hosts, meaning that Castilla have lost two of their last three matches.

Castilla still keep their place in the top three, just four points behind the leaders Ponferradina! This game fortunately changes little, but Castilla would surely be clean sailing away if they could find any consistency about them in this group. Next week the team takes on the latest side to find themselves at the bottom of the table, Rápido de Bouzas. You’d be foolish to make any early score predictions, but expect plenty of goals!

Goal: Fidalgo.

Assist: -

MOTM: Fidalgo.

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