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Fourth Kit Flair

Some thoughts on a very interesting kit

Real Madrid, Adidas, and EA Sports released a new kit this past week. Have you seen it? It’s blue and starry and when I find a way to buy it, I absolutely will. (Update: Google is a beautiful thing. That’s $110 that can wait until after Christmas though — plus I still have to find the right Adidas shoes to match.)

Real Madrid FIFA 19 fourth kit.

The reasons behind the design seem to be unclear. One site lists the design as a tribute to the Galácticos era, while another claims that it’s for the “skills from another planet” that can be found on our team. Regardless of the reason, it’s definitely the best of the kits released this year. Honestly, was the Juventus kit’s oil-slick-like appearance meant to represent the amount of hair product their first team uses? And who decided that a leopard print was a good idea for Manchester United? (To Juve’s credit, they did try and spin the design as one that “confirms Juventus’ desire to break the mould.”)

Juventus and Manchester United kits as seen in FIFA 19.

Back to Real Madrid.

I think my favourite part of the release was the video that tapped into my childhood. The video features the theme song from the 90s American sitcom Family Matters and the corresponding audience reaction tracks that went with it. It features YouTubers Toniemcee and DjMariio with Marco Asensio, Dani Carvajal, Casemiro, and Alvaro Odriozola:

So what do you think? It’s the first time the fourth kit has been available in real life. Are you going to buy it, either in the game, or in real life? Do you already have it in your game?

My video games are limited to Lego Batman with my nieces. Help me out here. What do you think of their ratings?

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