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Drawing Board: PSG 1 - 2 Real Madrid

Illustrations of Real Madrid’s performance at the smoke-filled Parc des Princes

PSG 1-2 Real Madrid. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

The fact that Real Madrid advanced to the quarter-finals of the Champions League is definitely one of the most inspiring things for all Madridistas right now. The match in Paris was not just a top-quality performance by our team, but also an epic show caused by the flares from PSG fans. The foggy atmosphere made the match look quite unusual, so I decided to capture it in my new illustrated review. I created a few sketches of Real Madrid players making their way into the quarter-finals through the smoke at Parc des Princes.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

So, here’s my drawing of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the first goal of the match. It seemed like he ignored the gravitational pull, jumped as high as he wanted, and also remained in the air as long as he wanted. Cristiano wasn’t very impressive at the beginning of the season, but now he’s in spectacular form again. I’m looking forward to some more cometary headed goals by the biggest legend of the Champions League.

Sergio Ramos. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

The Captain standing in the smoke. Photo reference: Aurelien Meunier

It’s a good thing that there was no need for him to take a break in this intensive match. Did any of you notice that Sergio left the pitch for a few minutes in the match against Eibar? This is the trending topic now, thanks to Zidane, who unabashedly revealed the awkward truth about Sergio’s moment.

Casemiro celebrating his goal against PSG. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

Casemiro celebrating his goal against PSG. He is such a master of scoring important goals in the big matches.

Marcelo and Casemiro during the match against PSG. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

And, of course, every goal celebration would be incomplete without Marcelo’s participation.

Mateo Kovacic and Angel Di Maria during the match agains PSG. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

Mateo Kovacic (what a splendid match by him) and tired Angel Di Maria. Photo reference: Manuel Queimadelos Alonso.

Keylor Navas. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

Keylor Navas (photo reference by Dave Winter). Another great performance by the goalkeeper, who is always ready to fix all mistakes caused by the negligence of our “unstoppable goalscoring defenders”.

Parc des Princes. Drawing by Sofi Serg.
“This is Paris”
Sofi Serg

And here’s my drawing of PSG fans lighting their flares at the Parc des Princes during the match.

As always, I would like to give a shout-out to the Madridistas from the Grada Fans and the Primavera Blanca, who actively supported the team in Paris. They made a huge work and helped the players to reach the quarter-finals. The best fans for the best club. A por La Decimotercera!

If you want to know more about my way of creating illustrated reviews, check out my previous article, which is dedicated to the home match against PSG.

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What’s your favourite moment of the game in Paris? Who would you pick as Man of the Match? Which team would you like to see as an opponent for Real Madrid in the quarter-finals?

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