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Managing Madrid Podcast: Italian Football Journalist Adam Digby, On A Dramatic Finish At The Bernabeu

Adam Digby joins Kiyan Sobhani to discuss a wild night at the Bernabeu

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Two parts to tonight’s Managing Madrid Podcast.

Part one (Kiyan Sobhani and Adam Digby of BeIn Sports):

  • The ice in Ronaldo’s veins, and the underrated header leading up to the penalty
  • That penalty call
  • Buffon’s sending-off (red card, Champions League career and all) -- not an ideal one
  • Where do Juve go from here?
  • Using the Champions League as the measuring stick of how great a team really is
  • How much did Roma’s result fuel belief in Juve?
  • And more

Part two (Patron mailbag):

  • The crazy stance neutrals, Juve fans, and Cules took regarding the penalty call
  • Juventus losing their minds after the call, and after the game too
  • Ranking which teams Kiyan would least like to face in the semi-finals
  • Gareth Bale’s role, and the short leash he had
  • What Zidane really changed with his half-time subs, namely stretching the field, creating some press-resitance, and providing cover for Marcelo
  • Carvajal vs Mandzukic
  • Jesus Vallejo’s performance
  • Juve snuffing out vertical channels in the first half
  • Isco’s ‘offside’ goal
  • How worried should we be heading into the semi-finals?
  • And more.

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Hosts this week:

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Adam Digby (@Adzz77)

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