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Xabi Alonso discusses Real Madrid’s chances against Bayern Munich

Football legend Xabi Alonso has talked about the upcoming tie between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the Champions League Semifinals. Alonso played for both teams and knows these two clubs well.

“I’m very excited to watch them play now that I’m not involved. This is one of the greatest match ups in European football and both games will be thrilling to watch,” said Alonso.

“The first leg will be crucial. Bayern play with a lot of intensity in the Allianz Arena and Real Madrid will have to struggle, but Bayern must be careful with Madrid’s chances as they are capable of scoring in almost every chance they get,” he added.

Arturo Vidal will miss the whole tie and his former teammate Xabi Alonso believes that Bayern will miss his presence.

“His absence will be huge. He plays with heart and he performs better in these games. His style of play keeps everyone engaged and he’s a top player. They’ve got James, Thiago, Martinez or Muller, so it’s also true that they have good players to replace him,” explains Alonso.

The Spaniard refused to highlight one player in this tie.

“The team as a whole is what’s important. If you have a single weakness it could very well decide the outcome of the whole tie. Both teams have great players who step their game up when the lights shine brightest,” concluded Alonso.

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