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Drawing Board: Real Madrid’s April Adventures

Illustration of Ronaldo’s golazo is included 

Drawing by Sofi Serg Sofi Serg

What a crazy month it was for Real Madrid! It looks like there was everything — epic clashes, a few dramas right on the pitch, unexpected turns, and even unbelievable goals. This month gave us some unforgettable moments and now it’s time to summarize it all.

Juventus 0-3 Real Madrid

Let’s be honest, it’s unreal to predict the results of our team. Did any of you expect that scoreline in Turin? Real Madrid is full of surprises, and it’s beyond our comprehension (and it’s too unpredictable) to analyze. And I’m still not sure if this is a bad thing or not, but it looks like this match will be known as “the match in which Cristiano Ronaldo scored one of his greatest goals ever”.

Keylor Navas during the match against Juventus. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
Keylor Navas during the match against Juventus, 3 April 2018
Sofi Serg

This goal is pure inspiration. What else can I say? Well, only that I have a poem and illustration dedicated to this football masterpiece ready to go:

“He scored this goal and lost control

He scored this goal and changed it all

He scored this goal and played his role

This match was like a feast

And this goal was like its greatest dish

This goal was probably his only secret wish

This goal made us do some crazy things

This goal was applauded by the kings

For sure, you still have this goal on the brain

And all you want is to see this goal again

He scored this goal and now there’s no pain

He scored this goal and changed the game

He scored this goal under the rain

To have the football world under the reign”

“This goal”, April 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Juventus. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
Cristiano Ronaldo scoring his golazo in the match against Juventus, 3 April 2018
Sofi Serg

Beside Ronaldo’s golazo, there was another moment which became a trending topic. Madridistas were curious to know why Marcelo hid behind the wall of players during the Juventus’ free kick. To prevent a shot under the wall? Probably yes — but Marcelo made this trick look quite hilarious. This footballer has been playing for our club for more than 10 years, but he still surprises us with his crazy ideas.

Juventus vs Real Madrid. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
But where’s Marcelo?
Sofi Serg

The Madrid derby

I think it’s always important to illustrate the lighting at the stadium, because it helps to show the atmosphere of an event. The match against Juventus was played under the rain, while the Madrid derby was accomplished by the bright sun. I hope this difference of lighting can be spotted in my illustrations.

Zinedine Zidane and Davide Bettoni. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
The talks of two bald genius - Zinedine Zidane and his assistant Davide Bettoni, 8 April 2018
Sofi Serg

Some exciting news was announced before the match against Atletico — the Governing Board of Madrid approved the reconstruction project of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The work will begin in Summer 2018, which means the familiar image of our favourite stadium will change very soon. So, there are just a few weeks left to visit the ‘good old Bernabeu’ before the reconstruction starts.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium during the Madrid derby, 8 April 2018
Sofi Serg

According to rumours, the Bernabeu is not the only thing that is going to change in our club this Summer. Sad to realize, but the club’s attacking trio called “BBC” is fading away and it probably will fall apart during the next transfer window. It seems like Gareth Bale will be the first one of the trio to leave the club. Anyway, for now, he is still a Real Madrid player and he still needs support from the fans.

Gareth Blae. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
Gareth Bale during the match against Atletico Madrid, 8 April 2018
Sofi Serg

Real Madrid 1-3 Juventus

Speaking of the fans...

The Grada Fans during the match between Real Madrid and Juventus. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
“Great White”, 11 April 2018
Sofi Serg

I have no words to describe them. How can it be possible to create something this colossal? Simply amazing. This banner was insane and the whole performance was definitely one of the best by the Grada Fans over the last few years. They have done great work. Bravo!

Cristiano Ronaldo. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
Cristiano Ronaldo right after the match against Juventus, 11 April 2018
Sofi Serg

And here is another poem (and two more illustrations) about the club’s legend and the number 7 on his jersey.

”Cristiano is a just football giant

And now he is on the pitch, so please be quiet

There’s no doubt that he can try it

He elevates the ball using the power of thought

No goalkeeper can ever catch his shot

A mercy isn’t something he has been taught

He runs too fast, he never will be caught

And every opponent will be his new mascot

His steps can cause an earthquake

He can break the records without a break

Don’t anger him when he’s wide awake

He eats the hate of haters for a dinner

And jumps too high, and scores like a fidget spinner

This is the greatest game

And he is the only winner”

“The Giant”, April 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
Cristiano Ronaldo right after the match against Juventus, 11 April 2018
Sofi Serg

This flag by the Grada Fans is like a reminder for us about the greatness of the number 7 in Real Madrid’s history. Amaro, Butragueno, Juanito and Raul wore this number with pride and now Cristiano carries on this tradition.

Bayern Munich 1-2 Real Madrid

The team achieved a good result in the first-leg against Bayern, but it was quite a nervous match. Our players just can’t play a top-match without adding some intrigue. As I wrote on Twitter, and it looks like there is a tournament that Real Madrid loves even more than the Champions League and it’s called “playing on the fans’ nerves”. So, keep your nervous system safe, because the second match against Bayern is soon.

After that match, I made only one illustration, and one poem, dedicated to Marco Asensio, who has scored another brilliant goal (can he even score boring goals?).

“That flight of the ball seemed endless

I guess this player is quite reckless

He makes a move, then makes us speechless

We all know he is too fearless

A thousand sparkles

Are whirling around him to disperse the darkness

Round and round

C’mon, fans

Let’s stick around

Let’s protect him from falling to the ground

Let’s cheer him up, let’s be loud

We all know someday he’ll be crowned

C’mon, fans

Let’s celebrate his new sparkling goal

Let’s protect him from facing the darkness all alone

Let’s keep him from fighting against the monsters on his own”

“Sparkles vs darkness”, April 2018

Marco Asensio. Illustration by Sofi Serg.
Marco Asensio celebrating his goal in the match against Bayern, 25 April 2018
Sofi Serg

So, now we are looking forward to the match at the Bernabeu. Only one more step left to the final match in Kiev. This May is going to be epic for our club. Vamos!

And here’s my question for you today: what was your reaction to Ronaldo’s golazo?

You can find more of my artwork on Twitter and Instagram

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